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Placement test administration

A majority of programs reported using language placement tests when asked (Yes = 122, No = 42); of those programs, 87 reported using an locally developed test while 54 reported using a commercial or other externally developed test. (Note that some programs reported using both kinds). Details about test administration are shown in Table 6 through Table 11. Again note that many programs selected multiple answers on the questionnaire so the totals may exceed the number of programs reporting test use.

Table 6: Test frequency
Frequency Responses
Only when needed 36
Several times a semester 30
Once a semester 20
Once a year to incoming students* 16
On demand/available on-line* 14
As needed* 5
Weekly* 1
*Write-in response

Table 7: Test registration process
Process Responses
Mandatory participation 32
Department office 22
First-come, first-served 19
Admissions office 19
Testing office 13
Multimedia lab staff 9
Through appointment with advisor* 9
On-line* 7
Taken at orientation* 6
Test given during class time 5
Regionally delivered* 2
*Write-in response

Table 8: Test proctor
Proctor Responses
Teachers 64
Testing office staff 21
Multimedia lab staff 16
Test delivered automatically/on-line* 13
Admissions office staff 11
Student help 11
Dept. Chair or staff* 5
Language coordinator* 1
LRC Director* 1
Placement director* 1
*Write-in response

Table 9: Test scoring
Scoring method Responses
Teachers 66
Machine-scored 42
Scored automatically by computer* 14
Admissions office staff 9
Testing office staff 8
Multimedia lab staff 3
Student help 2
Dept. Chair or staff* 2
*Write-in response  

Table 10: Communicating scores to students
Communication method Responses
Teachers 52
Academic advisor 20
Scores are posted 20
Automatically generated/on-line* 14
Testing office staff 13
Admissions office staff 11
Dept. office staff* 8
1st year studies office* 4
Language coordinator* 2
*Write-in response  

Table 11: Availability of retests
Times students can take test Responses
Only once 69
Unlimited 27
Restest with special permission only 12
Not more than twice 9
Once per year* 2
Once per semester* 1
Once every three years* 1
Retests for suspicious scores* 1
*Write-in response  

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Martyn Clark 2004-12-21