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Comments and additional information

Of the 169 surveys received, 137 included contact information for the person who had filled out the survey while 32 people chose to remain anonymous. Additionally, 68 respondents were kind enough to include their thoughts and comments about both the placement process in general as well give some thoughts on what the placement handbook should cover. In general, comments could be classified into one of seven categories (with illustrative comments):
\item The philosophy of placement testing or other overarch...
...t about the survey (''I look forward to seeing that manual'')

Table 25 shows the number of comments for each of the seven categories. Although some answers had elements of more than one category, the perceived main concern was used for classification purposes.

Table 25: Suggestions for the placement handbook
Category Number of comments
Placement philosophy 15
Testing specific skills 14
Computerized placement 10
Practical issues 9
Heritage students 7
General comments 7
Defining levels 6

Martyn Clark 2004-12-21