Certificate in Chinese

* NOTE: The Certificate in Japanese is not yet available, pending regular offering of the five courses necessary to complete the Certificate.

The certificate in Chinese is for those students who wish to supplement other fields of study with some basic Chinese language and culture. Students must take five courses from an approved list, totaling at least 15 credits. The following five courses from the approved list may be taken entirely online:

  • Chinese 331 Web-Based Advanced Chinese Listening and Writing (3 credits)
  • Chinese 332 Web-Based Advanced Chinese Reading and Writing (3 credits)
  • Chinese 421C Chinese Translation (3 credits)
  • Chinese 441 Web-Based Fourth Year Reading and Writing: Advanced Topics I (3 credits)
  • Chinese 442 Web-Based Fourth Year Reading and Writing: Advanced Topics II (3 credits)

View catalog course descriptions at www.catalog.hawaii.edu/courses/description-index.htm. Check current course availability.

Receiving the Certificate

After completing the requirements, download and print the form, and mail it to:
East Asian Languages and Literatures
1890 East-West Road, Moore Hall 378
Honolulu, HI 96822