Web-based courses are a combination of online interaction and independent learning activities. At all stages of the course the teacher is actively involved with the students, managing and monitoring student progress and giving feedback, and students are actively involved with each other in online forums.

Two of the Chinese courses (CHN 331 and 332) feature offline independent assignments for advanced study using CD-ROMs developed at the University of Hawaii. (To see details about the CD-ROMs, search for "Chinese CD-ROM" at

All courses follow the same instructional model, but each is based on a different series of lessons. The CD-ROM is available from the NFLRC at a nominal charge of $10, with no shipping charge added (sorry, only PC version is available).

Course Features

Each course is the equivalent of three semester credits -- approximately 50 hours of contact time. In each course, students will find:

  • A balance between independent tasks and those involving communication with classmates in web-based forums
  • The course text is based on authentic texts or videologs
  • Daily attention and support from the instructor through student forums with language feedback
  • Carefully designed lesson stages leading students from pre-reading or pre-viewing through skill-development and composition

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