Integrated Performance Assessments

Late summer 2020

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The Integrated Performance Assessments podcast, released by the NFLRC in August 2020, is a series of 7 episodes on the following topics:

  1. Intro to Performance Assessments (Paul Sandrock)
  2. Performance Assessments: Presentational mode (Lynn Fulton)
  3. Performance Assessments: Interpersonal mode, pt. 1 (Iman Hashem)
  4. Performance Assessments: Interpersonal mode, pt. 2 (Ying Jin)
  5. Performance Assessments: Interpretive mode (Margaret Malone)
  6. Integrated Performance Assessments: Theoretical Considerations (Francis Troyan)
  7. Putting Integrated Performance Assessments Into Practice (Lisa Shepard)

All interviews are hosted by Nicole Naditz (2015 ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year) for the NFLRC.

The NFLRC contributed its expertise in instructional design and technology and provided logistical support. Each episode features interviews with world language professionals who share their insights and experience in relation to incorporating performance assessments into the language classroom.

When published in Fall 2020, the lessons linked to each episode will contain a video of the interview, additional information with links, a quiz, and question prompts for discussion or reflection.


For Episode 3:

• Description of the T.A.L.K. rubric that was mentioned during the interview
• Blog post describing the single-point rubric that was mentioned

For Episodes 5, 6, and 7:

• IPA template (Appendix D)
• NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-do statements

For Episode 7 only: 

• Madame's Musings (Lisa Shepard's blog)

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