Project-Based Language Learning Workshop (2016)

Oct. 20, 2016 - CUNY Graduate Center

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Challenge Yourself (Handout)

What is Project-Based Language Learning (Short Article) 

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Challenging problem or question

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  • Guides project work

  • Creates interest and/or sense of challenge

  • Reminds them “Why we’re doing this today”

  • Guides planning and reframes content standards or big ideas

  • Captures and communicates the purpose of the project

  • Initiates, focuses and sustains inquiry

Criteria for evaluating your question:

  1. Will my students understand it? (Bonus: …and find it intriguing?)

  2. Is it open-ended and does it require a complex answer?

  3. To answer it, will my students need to learn important content and skills?

  4. Does it focus on an authentic issue, problem or challenge? (Bonus: …and create a local/global context for the project?)

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Aligning product to challenging problem or question

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 Same product, same focus

 Presentation, water quality in our region


Different product, same focus

Presentation/ photo essay, water quality in our region


 Same product, different focus

 Presentation, water quality in various parts of our region

Different product, different focus

Presentation/ photo essay, water quality in various parts of our region


Recommended Resources

Authentic ideas: sample projects or project inspiration

NFLRC Project Repository -

What does it take for a project to be “authentic”

Spanish project ideas transferable to other languages @sraspanlish

Arabic project example

Sample Project Squares

 21st Century Skills Map

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