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Volume 1, Number 2 (December 2007)

Table of Contents [pdf]

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Natqgu Literacy: Capturing Three Domains for Written Language Use
Brenda H. Boerger
pp. 126–153
abstract | html | PDF


The Use of Perception Tests in Studying the Tonal System of Prinmi Dialects: A Speaker-centered Approach to Descriptive Linguistics
Picus Sizhi Ding
pp. 154–181
abstract | html | PDF


The Gbe Language Continuum of West Africa: A Synchronic Typological Approach to Prioritizing In-depth Sociolinguistic Research on Literature Extensibility
Angela Kluge
pp. 182–215
abstract | html | PDF


Bislama into Kwamera: Code-mixing and Language Change on Tanna (Vanuatu)
Lamont Lindstrom
pp. 216–239
abstract | html | PDF


Fostering the Growth of Budding Community Initiatives: The Role of Linguists in Tokelauan Maintenance in Hawai‘i
Yuko Otsuka and Andrew Wong
pp. 240–256
abstract | html | PDF


Collaborative Linguistic Fieldwork: Practical Application of the Empowerment Model
Racquel-Maria Yamada
pp. 257–282
abstract | html | PDF


Technology Reviews

Review of EUDICO Linguistic Annotator (ELAN)
Reviewed by: Andrea L. Berez
pp. 283–289
html | PDF


Review of Audiamus 2.3
Reviewed by: Amanda Brotchie
pp. 290–292
html | PDF


Review of LexiquePro
Reviewed by: Valérie Guérin and Sébastien Lacrampe
pp. 293–300
html | PDF


Review of Fontographer
Reviewed by: Mia Kalish
pp. 301–311
html | PDF


Book Reviews

Review of A Hausa-English Dictionary
Reviewed by: William R. Leben
pp. 312–316
html | PDF


Review of When Languages Die
Reviewed by: Keren Rice
pp. 317–321
html | PDF


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