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Volume 3, Number 2 (December 2009)

Table of Contents [pdf]

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Phoenix or Relic? Documentation of Languages with Revitalization in Mind
Rob Amery
pp. 138–148
abstract | pdf

Five Dimensions of Collaboration: Toward a Critical Theory of Coordination and Interoperability in Language Documentation
Akiemi Glenn
pp. 149–160
abstract | pdf

Relatively Ethical: A Comparison of Linguistic Research Paradigms in Alaska and Indonesia
Gary Holton
pp. 161–175
abstract | pdf

Documentation and Language Learning: Separate Agendas or Complementary Tasks?
Norbert Francis and Pablo Rogelio Navarrete Gómez
pp. 176–191
abstract | pdf

Online Dictionary and Ontology Building for Austronesian Languages in Taiwan
D. Victoria Rau, Meng-Chien Yang, Hui-Huan Ann Chang, and Maa-Neu Dong
pp. 192–212
abstract | pdf

Notes from the Field

Buhi'non (Bikol) Digital Wordlist: Presentation Form
Kenneth S. Olson, Emy T. Ballenas, Nilo M. Borromeo
pp. 213–225
pdf (sounds embedded) [requires Adobe Reader] | pdf (no sounds embedded)

Technology Reviews

Review of Transana 2.30
Reviewed by: Oksana Afitska
pp. 226–235

Review of Transcribe!
Reviewed by: Linda Barwick
pp. 236–240

Review of LEXUS
Reviewed by: Kristina Kotcheva
pp. 241–246

Book Reviews

Review of Spelling and society: The culture and politics of orthography around the world
Reviewed by: Harriet Joseph Ottenheimer
pp. 247–252

Review of The writing revolution: Cuneiform to the Internet
Reviewed by: Kristine Stenzel
pp. 253–259

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