Workshop (101)

Finding, Using, Repurposing and Creating E-mail, Listserv, Word-a-Day Services on the Net

Workshop Leaders: Louis Janus & Nancy Stenson
Affiliation: University of Minnesota

The focus of this workshop will be on pedagogy: What to do with a class with various material from the e-mail realm of the net. We will cover types of key-pals arrangements, ways to maximize the contact and use of the target language. While many listservs are in English, finding and encouraging student use of target language lists can stimulate interest. Finally, we will demonstrate several approaches to a word-a-day service in a LCTL, sharing our experience in setting up and running such lists.

Relevant links:
The U MN LCTL Project
Finding key-pals for classes: Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections
finding newsgroups and listservs for classes

Word-a-day sample lessons:
Word-a-Day in Irish (Focal an Lae)
NorWord archives

Louis Janus
Nancy Stenson

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