Workshop (201)

Finding, Using and Repurposing Existing WWW Material

Workshop Leaders: Louis Janus & Nancy Stenson
Affiliation: University of Minnesota

The WWW offers myriad opportunities for reading authentic language. In this workshop (and the discussion session which follows) we will focus on how to create engaging and pedagogically sound activities with this material. Finding good material is necessary but not enough for real learning. On-going activities of class projects using the Web and creating Web sites to share information among learners of the language will be presented.

Relevant links:
The U MN LCTL Project

Finding relevant material:

Yahoo Language and Linguistics
Human Language Page
a sample "repurposed" lesson in Irish on The Gaeltacht (Irish speaking communities) developed by Nancy Stenson.
Chinese lessons from University of Hawai'i

Louis Janus
Nancy Stenson

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