NFLRC Workshops Demonstrations Discussion Groups
Monday Session 1 Finding, Using, Repurposing and Creating E-mail, Listserv, Word-a-Day Services on the Net (101) Introducing the IALL On-line Database of FL Software Resources (102) What can SLA Theory Contribute to Realizing the Potential of Technology for Supporting the Learning of LCTLs? (103)
Session 2 Creating and Retrieving Authentic Materials from the Internet for Non-Roman Alphabet LCTLs (104) EZER: An Interactive Reading Comprehension Program for Less Commonly Taught Languages (105) Funding Possibilities for LCTLs (106)
Tuesday Session 1 Finding, Using and Repurposing Existing WWW Material (201) WinFLIS and MBI Dict: Two CALL Systems for Thai and Indonesian (202) Is it a Good Idea to Teach Foreign Languages Using Distance Learning? (203)
Session 2 It's Easy! Creating Multi-Media Presentations with StayTooned (204) Tour of Hawai'i Interactive Television System (HITS) (205) Discussion of Finding, Using and Repurposing Existing WWW Material (206)
Wednesday Session 1 Accessing Authentic Chinese Language Materials through the Internet (301) Shockwave: The Tsunami is Here (302) Distance Learning and Implications for Curriculum Design and Teacher Training in LCTLs (303)
Session 2 Incorporating Multi-Media and CGI/JavaScript Applications into Web Chinese Lessons (304) Java: A New Tool for Web Programming (305) Technology Means Having Technicians, but I'm a Language Teacher (306)
Thursday Session 1 The Virtual Photo Album: Creating and Sharing Exercises with Photographs (401) Asymetrix Toolbook Student Multimedia Japanese Language Learning Projects (402) Using Technology for Outreach to High School Students (403)
Session 2 Language Lessons on the Web: Tracked Down and Homespun (404) JP NET: Delivery of Japanese Educational Materials to On-Line Community (405) Internet for Language Learning: Development Strategies (406)
Friday Session 1 From Romaji E-mail to Kanji Student Lists (501) This is Easy! Creating Your Own Video Exercises with MovieWatcher & Your Mac (502) The Design of Pedagogical Activities on the Internet for LCTLs (503)
Session 2 Assembling and Creating your own Web Materials (504) Language Learning Aids on and off the Web: A Beginning (505) Research on Network-Based Language Learning (506)

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