Paper 1 - 9:00-9:45 Paper 2 - 9:45-10:30 Paper 3 - 11:00-11:45
Introduction and Overview
Leoki: A Powerful Voice for Hawaiian Language Revitalization LCTLs and Technology: Toward a New Language Learning Paradigm The Sociocultural Content of a Discourse-Centered Multimedia Language Curriculum
Connecting Distant Learners
Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) and Japanese Immersion: A Case Study on Developing Teaching Russian via Distance Learning and the Future Impact of this New Technology Foreign Language Instruction via Interactive Television: An Experiment in Mandarin Chinese
Interactive Multimedia
Conversion of a Teacher-Delivered Course into an Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM Tutorial Computer-Mediated Swahili Instruction CD Modules for Advanced Students of Russian and Other LCTLs
New Technologies,
New Materials
Using Interactive Videodisk: In and Beyond the Classroom Swahili-L: An Internet Model for Less Commonly Taught Languages Education in Technology for LCTLs: Nga Tautono Rorohiko
Evaluating the Electronic Classroom
Language Learning: Students Accessing Information for Language Purposes
Joy and Agony of Integrating Technology into the Curriculum The Development of Discourse-Based Features of the L2 in Internet Environments

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