Promoting Student Groups for Korean International Students by Hee Ju

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Previous studies imply that Korean students tend to lack balanced life between studies and extracurricular activities, which may be essential to their academic success and career preparation in the long run. The purpose of this project is to enhance opportunities for Korean students to get involved in student club activities by helping university student clubs recruit Korean international students. Learners will interview Korean native speakers to find out areas to meet the need of Korean students. They will create promotional videos for select student clubs and collaborate with student clubs and other campus organizations to widely distribute them to Korean international students. In the process, this project aims to develop students' career pathway knowledge and skills related to information technology and human service as well as enhancing their Korean language skills.  





National Foreign Language Resource Center
Oct. 25, 2017
UCLA Student Clubs, Korean Student Association, Office of International Students and Scholars, Center for Korean Studies

Language: Korean

Subject Area(s): technology, society, social networks, lifestyles, language and literature, friendship, ethnic identity, entertainment, education, design, communities, creativity, visual arts, values

Instructional Context

Product Description:
The product will be a 5~7 minute-long video, featuring a select student club and persuading Korean international students to join the student club. To produce the final product, students will investigate their select student clubs and interest of Korean international students in the following ways: (1) Learners will interview the leader of a student club regarding their missions, main events, ways to reach out to students including Korean international students. (2) They will also interview 2 Korean international students to find out their interest in joining student club and any reasons that would keep them from joining one. They will also compare/contrast student club activities in Korea and US. (3) Learners will create a script based on their information and plan marketing strategies. (4) They will create a promotional video and distribute it in collaboration with a partnering student club.

Target Audience Description:
Main Audience: Korean International Students who are native speakers of Korean. Others: Members of University Student Clubs (who will read English subtitles on the video)

Audience Location:
Students who are attending the University of California, Los Angeles, residing in Southern California (LA, Orange County, etc.).

Heritage Learners:

Product Target Culture:
How to interview Korean native speakers in formal and polite ways; Compare/contrast student club activities in Korea and US

Audience Role:
The audience will provide feedback to the learners regarding content and design of the final product.

Language Proficiency

ACTFL Scale:
4 5 6

World Readiness Standards


School and Global

Language comparisons
Cultural comparisons

Making Connections
Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives

Relating Cultural Products to Perspectives
Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives


Lifelong Learning

21st Century Skills

Life and Career Skills
Productivity and Accountability
Social and Cross Cultural Skills
Initiative and Self-Direction
Flexibility and adaptability

Interdisciplinary Themes
Health Literacy
Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy
Global Awareness

Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Technology Literacy
Media Literacy
Information Literacy
Creativity and Innovation

Interdisciplinary Themes
Civic Literacy

Life and Career Skills
Leadership and responsibility

Project Sequence Overview

Preparing for the Project

1. Entry Event - What is a typical daily schedule like for Korean international students? more detail

2. UCLA Student Clubs - Instructor prepares a short list of UCLA student clubs that learners can contact. more detail

Launching the Project

1. Interview Questions - Students prepare for interviews with a student club leader and Korean international students to find out how student clubs can reach out to Korean international students. more detail

Managing the Project

1. Guiding Instruction and Rubrics - In order to make expectations clear, instructor provides information for important deadlines and scoring rubrics. more detail


1. Peer Feedback and Self-Reflection - Students reflect on their project including their collaboration with a student club and provide feedback to other groups. more detail

2. Formative Assessment: Interview Questions - In a group, learners prepare interview questions in Korean (to interview Korean international students) and in English (to interview a student club leader) and receive feedback from the instructor. more detail

3. Interviews - Audio files and written summaries of interviews are assessed based on the rubric. more detail

4. Script Writing - In a group, learners write a script for a promotional video and receive feedback from the instructor. more detail

5. Presentation of a Promotional Video - Learners present their promotional video for their select student club. more detail