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Photo of Gabriele Pallotti

Gabriele Pallotti is associate professor of Language teaching methodology at the College of Education of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy. Previously, he held positions in the universities of Bologna and Sassari.

His main research interest concerns the ways in which a second language is used in social interaction. He conducted a longitudinal study of a Moroccan girl learning Italian as a second language in a nursery school, showing how her language acquisition was part of a larger socialization process, and how linguistic structures emerge in and for interaction.
He is currently engaged in a research project on how interlanguage varies according to features of the interactional context. Data come from adolescent learners of Italian as a second language, collected through a variety of tasks, some of which are spontaneous interactions while others represent more traditional elicitation procedures in SLA research.
Over the past years he has also been collecting several hundreds telephone calls in different European languages, looking at how native and non-native speakers perform the opening moves. Finally, his background in Semiotics and Philosophy sometimes makes him indulge in epistemological and methodological reflections.

He coordinates nation-wide projects for the Italian Ministry of Education on language teaching and learning and participates in national and international research groups. He is member of the editorial board of Applied Linguistics and of the Executive committee of the European Second Language Association (Eurosla).

He has published books and articles on second language acquisition, second language socialization, cross-cultural conversation analysis, research methodology in applied linguistics.
picture of Johannes Wagner

Johannes Wagner was educated at the universities in Tübingen, Germany, and Uppsala, Sweden. He is now a professor of Language and Communication at the University of Southern Denmark. Since 1997 he has been the director of the International Graduate School in Language and Communication. His research focuses on issues of L2 conversation and learning. His most recent book is Johannes Wagner, 2004, eds: Second Language Conversations. London: Continuum. (with Rod Gardner).

Ongoing research projects: A corpus of interaction data in different
languages. Development of electronic tools and corpora for CA
research. In cooperation with Talkbank.
Læring og Integration (Language Acquisition and Integration).
Research projected sponsored by the Danish National Research Council for the Humanities. (With several cooperators)