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This four-day NFLRC summer institute (July 10-13, 2012) is intended for postsecondary Japanese language educators who wish to promote good assessment practices in their home institutions. It consists of lecture as well as hands-on sessions designed to help improve their theoretical knowledge and practical skills about assessments (including testing). To this end, the workshop will provide ample authentic assessment examples in various formats and procedures to assess learning outcomes in Japanese in classroom and program-level settings. The workshop will also cover portfolio assessments for Japanese language teacher training programs.  After attending the workshop, participants will be better prepared to engage in effective formative and summative assessments for Japanese language instruction and teacher training in their home institutions. Selected classroom assessment modules developed by participants as part of the workshop will be published by the NFLRC as a Network (available online for teachers of Japanese around the world).    

日本語評価ワークショップをハワイ大学マノア校で2012年7月10日-13日に開催します。対象者は、日本語教育に携わる現役の大学教員及び博士課程院生です。参加者には、近刊『日本語教師のための評価入門(Introduction to Assessment for Japanese Language Teachers)』(くろしお出版)をテキストとして無料提供します。講師は、同書の著者Kimi Kondo-Brown教授、そして『Testing in language programs* 』(McGraw-Hill, 2005)の著者James Dean “JD” Brown教授です。この機会をぜひお見逃しなく! (*J.Dブラウン著/和田稔訳『言語テストの基礎知識―正しい問題作成・評価のために』大修館書店)



The text and additional materials will be supplied to accepted participants free of charge.

  • Kondo-Brown (2012)『日本語教師のための評価入門』(Introduction to Assessment for Japanese Language Teachers)(くろしお出版より2012年3月発売予定)
  • A packet that includes materials written in English.