Listening Activity: "Choose the Matching Picture"

Objective/ product

Students listen to a description of a place, such as a vacation destination, or a person or object, and choose the one picture among several that matches the description best.

Followup: the accuracy of the choice is checked in a recapitulation of the information.

Materials needed

No special materials are required; the visual presenter may be used for display of drawings. In the traditional classroom, the pictures must be easily visible to everyone.

Procedures for traditional classroom

The procedure is simple: learners listen and make a choice. It may be a good idea to repeat the listening several times so that the students have a chance to confirm their guess by themselves before the followup stage.

Followup stage: The correct drawing is displayed and the description recapitulated; the teacher may point to details as they are mentioned. Learners check their own guesses.

Adaptations for ITV

No adaptation of this activity is necessary for this activity to be carried out on ITV.

In the followup stage, the visual presenter provides an advantage over equipment available in the traditional classroom, since the picture may be displayed in great detail.

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