CHN 202 FINAL PROJECT Spring 2002

Informative Web page for Chinese students




To create a Web page in Chinese (either Big5 traditional or GB simplified) that will help Chinese students in Honolulu to get around town; deal better at school with administrative or academic matters; find food, clothing, shelter, and entertainment; and so forth.



1. Find a partner. Tang laoshi and Wang Qinghong will help. Deadline: 3/21.

2. Make a set of three appointments with your partner: the first to explore your topic and do an interview for some preliminary information, the second to finalize the information, and the third to have your partner look over your Chinese draft with you. Last appointment deadline: 4/18.

3. Plan now for your first interview. It should be a combination of putting your own ideas forward and listening to your partner’s “voice of experience” as a Chinese student. What questions will you ask? How will you press for details?

4. After your interviews, type up your information as a PLAIN TEXT FILE (NOT a Word file). You can begin with an English version and convert it to Chinese later — but remember you will have some source material in Chinese as a result of your interviews, if you do them well! Deadline: 4/23.

5. Sketch out your Web page (maybe by hand on paper). No frames – just images and text. Tables are OK. No sounds or video – sorry! You may want to do some pirating of the sample Web pages that Tang laoshi is working on at

under the “Chinese pages” section.

6. If you can create your Web page yourself, do so. Keep all the associated files in a folder called “username” (your UHUNIX username). Otherwise, just create a plain text file with all your content in it. Do formatting after you have all your content. See Tang laoshi (956-2533) for help. Final deadline: 4/30. Tang laoshi will need a little time to upload the pages, so please get done EARLY!!

MS Word does not do well with Chinese text. Please do not use a word processor to create your Web page.



The LLL PC Lab has been reserved during our class time 5/1 and 5/3 to show each of your Web pages to your classmates. We will read and discuss them together.



Your Web page will be assessed for its potential usefulness to Chinese students and for showing that you have made an effort to use language that is new to you this term – to push yourself beyond the humdrum. The page does not have to be too huge or exhaustively detailed. The sample page will give you an idea of the appropriate scope.