Talk-in-interaction: Multilingual perspectives

2006-2010 pragmatics research

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Talk-in-interaction: Multilingual perspectives (edited by Gabriele Kasper & Hanh thi Nguyen) offers original studies of interaction in a range of languages and language varieties, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, and Vietnamese; monolingual and bilingual interactions; and activities designed for second or foreign language learning. Conducted from the perspectives of conversation analysis and membership categorization analysis, the chapters examine ordinary conversation and institutional activities in face-to-face, telephone, and computer-mediated environments.
PRAGMATICS & INTERACTION, a refereed series sponsored by the University of Hawai‘i National Foreign Language Resource Center, publishes research on topics in pragmatics and discourse as social interaction from a wide variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. P&I particularly welcomes studies on languages spoken in the Asian-Pacific region.


About the Authors
Transcription Conventions
1  Categories, Context, and Comparison in Conversation Analysis 
Gabriele Kasper
2  Kinship Categories in a Northern Thai Narrative 
Jack Bilmes
3  The Recommendation Sequence in Vietnamese
Family Talk: Negotiation of Asymmetric Access to Authority and Knowledge
Hanh thi Nguyen
4  When Gaijin Matters: Theory-Building in Japanese Multiparty Interaction 
Asuka Suzuki
5  “Are you Hindu?”: Resisting Membership Categorization Through Language Alternation 
Christina Higgins 
6  A Practice for Avoiding and Terminating Arguments in Japanese: The Case of University Faculty Meetings 
Scott Saft
7  Third Party Involvement in Japanese Political Television Interviews 
Keiko Ikeda
8  Resisting ESL: Categories and Sequence in a Critically “Motivated” Analysis of Classroom Interaction 
Steven Talmy
9  Turn-Taking and Primary Speakership During a Student Discussion 
Eric Hauser
10  Repair Work in a Chinese as a Foreign Language Classroom 
John Rylander
11  CA for Computer-Mediated Interaction in the Spanish L2 Classroom 
Marta González-Lloret
12  The Korean Discourse Markers -nuntey and kuntey in Native- Nonnative Conversation: An Acquisitional Perspective 
Younhee Kim
13  Development of Interactional Competence: Changes in the Use of ne in L2 Japanese During Study Abroad 
Midori Ishida

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