Second language development in writing: Measures of fluency, accuracy, and complexity

1996-1999 assessment research language-learning

In this book, the authors analyze and compare the ways that fluency, accuracy, grammatical complexity, and lexical complexity have been measured in studies of language development in second language writing. More than 100 developmental measures are examined, with detailed comparisons of the results across the studies that have used each measure. The authors discuss the theoretical foundations for each type of developmental measure, and they consider the relationship between developmental measures and various types of proficiency measures. They also examine criteria for determining which developmental measures are the most successful, and they suggest which measures are the most promising for continuing work on language development.
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NFLRC Monographs is a refereed series sponsored by the National Foreign Language Resource Center at the University of Hawai‘i under the supervision of the series editor, Richard Schmidt. NFLRC Monographs present the findings of recent work in applied linguistics that is of relevance to language teaching and learning, with a focus on the less commonly-taught languages of Asia and the Pacific. Prior to 2006, these monographs were published as "SLTCC Technical Reports.”

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