Reading in a Foreign Language
Volume 14, Number 1, April 2002
ISSN 1539-0578

From the Editors

We welcome you to this new incarnation of the journal Reading in a Foreign Language. A significant change from its previous print editions is in the presentation of the journal. While RFL remains a fully refereed journal, it is presented as an electronic journal available exclusively online.

We feel that this change brings with it a number of positive effects. First, the journal will be available to many more people than was possible as a print journal, and it is cost free to the readers. Second, because it does not have the costs associated with publishing a traditional paper-based journal, we are able to accept articles that are much longer than articles in paper-based journals, and which include all the relevant tests and instructional materials used in the studies. Third, we will eventually be able to have all of the articles archived and available in a single location on the Internet.

We would like to thank Diana Lubelska for her help and guidance during the transition and for her outstanding service as editor of the journal. She steered RFL safely through very troubled waters. We are pleased that she has agreed to continue her work with the journal as a member of the Editorial Board.

We would also like to thank the previous members of the Editorial Board who agreed to stay on and to welcome the new members. Their work is critical to the success of the journal.

Our most sincere appreciation is extended to Irene Thompson and Pamela DaGrossa of the online journal Language Learning and Technology for their assistance and wise counsel in helping us make the transition to an online journal. We also appreciate the help of Deborah Masterson, Jim Yoshioka, and Dick Schmidt of the National Foreign Language Resource Center, and that of Joe O'Mealy, Dean of the College of Language, Linguistics, & Literature here at the University of Hawai`i. They provided support that was invaluable in launching RFL in its new format.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Anne Burns as the Reviews Editor. Dr. Burns is an Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Head (Dean) of the Division of Linguistics and Psychology at Macquarie University in Sydney. She is also the Associate Director of the National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research. She is the author and editor of numerous books and articles and serves on the Editorial Boards of Prospect, Networks, and the ELICOS Association Journal.

Although Reading in a Foreign Language is a free online journal, we would appreciate your support of the journal by becoming a subscriber. Having subscriber information will not only help us determine how we can better serve our readers but will also help us demonstrate the amount of support we have to our funding agencies. This will assist us in continuing to obtain institutional support for the journal, keeping it free of charge. As a subscriber you have the option of being notified through e-mail as soon as each new and special journal issue is released. We would appreciate it if you take a few moments to fill out the brief subscription form for Reading in a Foreign Language. Thank you.

So, we invite you to enjoy this issue of RFL, and let us know your views.

In This Issue

  • Reyhan Salataci and Ayse Akyel report the results of their investigation into the reading strategies of Turkish EFL students in Turkish and English. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Yu-Fen Yang reassesses the comprehension monitoring processes of both proficient and less-proficient readers. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Etsuo Taguchi and Greta J. Gorsuch focus on repeated reading as a way of helping students learn to read faster and with better comprehension. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Ching Yen Leung discusses the impact of extensive reading on an adult's self-study of Japanese over a period of 20 weeks. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Also in this issue are two reviews of ESL reading materials:
    Saori Ishida reviews Reading Power (2nd Ed.) and More Reading Power read review | pdf version
    Thuy Da Lam reviews Collaborations: English in Our Lives, Intermediate 2, Student Book read review | pdf version

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