Reading in a Foreign Language
Volume 18, Number 1, April 2006
ISSN 1539-0578

From the Editors

We welcome you to the ninth online issue of Reading in a Foreign Language. This issue presents the second installment of our "Discussion Forum" feature, the first having been in Volume 14.2. As noted in our submission guidelines, articles in the Discussion Forum generally comment on material previously published in RFL and may also present replies by the authors to the issues raised in those comments. In the present issue, Alan Taylor provides comments on Myung-Hee Ko's 2005 article addressing factors associated with vocabulary glossing in texts. We hope this encourages further Discussion Forum submissions. We would also like to remind our readers that our feature Readings on L2 Reading: Publications in other Venues seeks contributions. Details on this feature can be found here.

We would like to extend special thanks to Paul Nation and Marianne, who volunteered their time to scan articles from the print editions of RFL. Thanks to their assistance, all articles from the print issues of RFL are now available as .pdf files, which can be accessed from our Past Issues | Supplement Issues archive.

Once again, we ask all readers of RFL who have not yet subscribed to become subscribers — at no cost. All subscribers have the option of being notified through e-mail as soon as each issue is released, but can opt not to receive this information if they wish. We keep all subscriber information confidential. We ask you to subscribe because it assists us in continuing to obtain institutional support for the journal, keeping it free of charge. So, please take a few moments to fill out the brief subscription form for RFL if you have not already done so.

RFL acknowledges the support of the National Foreign Language Resource Center and and the Department of Second Language Studies, College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, University of Hawai‘i. Their generosity is deeply appreciated.

We would like to thank the members of the Editorial Board for their work with this volume. We also welcome Averil Coxhead to the Board.

We would also like to acknowledge the following external reviewers for their valuable comments on manuscripts submitted between October 2005 and April 2006: Neil Anderson, Julian Bamford, Marsha Bensoussan, Tom Farrell, Jeffrey Hayden, David Hill, Beniko Mason, Paul Meara, Siwon Park, and Susanne Rott. Last but not least, we also thank our copyeditors, Sati Benes and Frank Lefrandt, for their assistance with this issue.

We hope that you find this issue of RFL interesting, stimulating, and useful. We always welcome your feedback to the articles; please feel free to contact us with your reactions, comments, and suggestions.

In This Issue


  • Maria Pigada and Norbert Schmitt explore vocabulary acquisition from extensive reading. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Goh Hock Seng and Fatimah Hashim report on the use of the first language (L1) in second language (L2) reading comprehension among tertiary ESL learners. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Kimi Kondo-Brown investigates how affective factors are related to Japanese L2 reading comprehension and kanji knowledge. read abstract | article | pdf version

Discussion Forum

  • Alan Taylor comments on Myung-Hee Ko's 2005 (RFL 17.2) article addressing factors associated with vocabulary glossing in texts. read discussion | pdf version


  • William Grabe reviews Insights into Second Language Reading by Keiko Koda. read review | pdf version
  • John Rodgers also reviews Koda's Insights into Second Language Reading from a teacher's perspective. read review | pdf version
  • YouJin Kim reviews Teaching and Learning Vocabulary: Bringing Research to Practice by Elfrieda H. Hiebert & Michael L. Kamil (Eds.). read review | pdf version

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