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Volume 22, Number 1, April 2010

Table of Contents

Special Issue in Honor of Paul Nation
Edited by Averil Coxhead

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From the Editors
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From the Guest Editor
pp. ii-iii


Section One: Vocabulary and Reading

Grabbed early by vocabulary: Nation’s ongoing contributions to vocabulary and reading in a foreign language
Averil Coxhead
pp. 1–14
abstract | pdf

Lexical threshold revisited: Lexical text coverage, learners’ vocabulary size and reading comprehension
Batia Laufer and Geke C. Ravenhorst-Kalovski
pp. 15–30
abstract | pdf

Incidental vocabulary acquisition from an authentic novel: Do Things Fall Apart?
Ana Pellicer-Sánchez and Norbert Schmitt
pp. 31–55
abstract | pdf

Vocabulary learning through reading: Does an ELT course book provide good opportunities?
Warren Matsuoka and David Hirsh
pp. 56–70
abstract | pdf

Fluency in reading—Thirty-five years later
William Grabe
pp. 71–83
abstract | pdf

Exploring a new technique for comparing bilinguals’ L1 and L2 reading speed
Hanna S. Gauvin and Jan H. Hulstijn
pp. 84–103
abstract | pdf

Speed reading courses and their effect on reading authentic texts: A preliminary investigation
John Macalister
pp. 104–116
abstract | pdf

Section Two: Teaching and Learning Vocabulary

The quality and frequency of encounters with vocabulary in an English for Academic Purposes programme
Angela Joe
pp. 117–138
abstract | pdf

Is explicit vocabulary focus the reading teacher’s job?
Keith Folse
pp. 139–160
abstract | pdf

How well does teacher talk support incidental vocabulary acquisition?
Marlise Horst
pp. 161–180
abstract | pdf

Learning about language and learners from computer programs
Tom Cobb
pp. 181–200
abstract | pdf

Using glossaries to increase the lexical coverage of television programs
Stuart Webb
pp. 201–221
abstract | pdf

Words as species: An alternative approach to estimating productive vocabulary size
Paul M. Meara and Juan Carlos Olmos Alcoy
pp. 222–236
abstract | pdf


Second Language Reading Research and Instruction: Crossing the Boundaries
ZhaoHong Han and Neil J. Anderson (Eds.)
reviewed by Ryan T. Miller
pp. 237–241

External Reviewers

Douglas Biber, Tom Cobb, Sara Cotterall, Tess Fitzpatrick, Keith Folse, William Grabe, Peter Yongqi Gu, David Hirsh, Marlise Horst, Jan H. Hulstijn, Angela Joe, Alastair Ker, Batia Laufer, John Macalister, Paul Meara, Randi Reppen, Norbert Schmitt, Paul Warren, Stuart Webb

Copy Editors

Yu Fan, Amy Goodman-Bide, Yue Guo, Meredith Hanson, Ying Hu, Ju A Hwang, Nathan Johnson, HeeJin Kim, Jake Kletzien, Wenpei Long, Treela McKamey, Mar Galindo Merino, Matthew A. Nelson, Samantha Ng, Michael Lee Rollins, Bal Krishna Sharma, Bong-Gi Sohn, Sakol Suethanapornkul, Aya Takeda, Jae Rim Yoon, Hiromi Yoshida, Soo Jung Youn

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