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Volume 23, Number 1, April 2011

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From the Editors
p. i


Extensive reading and the effect of shadowing
Takayuki Nakanishi & Atsuko Ueda
pp. 1-16
abstract | pdf

Reading books in class: What "just to read a book" can mean
pp. 17-41
abstract | pdf

Roles of general versus second language (L2) knowledge in L2 reading comprehension
Ying Guo & Alysia D. Roehrig
pp. 42-64
abstract | pdf

A primer on the General Service List
Leah Gilner
pp. 65-83
abstract | pdf

Text readability and intuitive simplification: A comparison of readability formulas
Scott A. Crossley, David B. Allen, & Danielle S. McNamara
pp. 86-101
abstract | pdf

Links between teachers' beliefs and practices and research on reading
Irena Kuzborska
pp. 102-128
abstract | pdf


Understanding Advanced Second-Languge Reading
Elizabeth B. Bernhardt
reviewed by Zahir Mumin
pp. 129-134

Bringing Extensive Reading into the Classroom
Richard Day, Jennifer Bassett, Bill Bowler, Sue Parminter, Nick Bullard, Mark Furr, Nina Prentice, Minas Mahmood, Daniel Stewart, and Thomas Robb (Eds.)
reviewed by Jin Woo
pp. 135-138


Reading in other languages: A bibliography for the scholar-teacher
pp. 139-160

External Reviewers

Gillian Claridge, Andrew Cohen, Sara Cotterall, Averil Coxhead, Scott Crossley, Christina Davidson, Terri Gebel, William Grabe, Debbie Ho, Xiangying Jiang, Ailing Kong, Jesse Saba Kirchner,Ronald Leow, Tom Lumley, John Macalister, Sandra McKay, Levi McNeil, Paul Nation, Jixian Pang, Diana Pulido, Susanne Rott, Norbert Schmitt, Atsuko Takase, Amos van Gelderen, Junko Yamashita

Copy Editors

Cheryl DiCello, Angela Haeusler, Jennifer Holdway, Wei-Li Hsu, Ju-A Hwang, Jake Kletzien, Valerie Meier, Mike Misner, Laura Mizuha, Matthew Nelson, Samantha NG, Sena Pierce, Shoko Sasayama, Cheryl Tsuyuki, Gretchen Yamaguchi

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