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Volume 24, Number 1, April 2012

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From the Editors
p. i


The interplay of processing task, text type, and proficiency in L2 reading
Mami Yoshida
pp. 1-29
abstract | pdf

Assisted repeated reading with an advanced-level Japanese EFL reader: A longitudinal diary study
Etsuo Taguchi, Greta Gorsuch, Miyoko Takayasu-Maass, & Kirsten Snipp
pp. 30-55
abstract | pdf

Improving reading rate activities for EFL students: Timed reading and repeated oral reading
Anna C-S Chang
pp. 56-83
abstract | pdf

Effects of discourse structure graphic organizers of EFL reading comprehension
Xiangying Jiang
pp. 84-105
abstract | pdf

Graded readers: How the publishers make the grade
Gillian Claridge
pp. 106-119
abstract | pdf


Measuring Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition
James Milton
reviewed by Hideki Goya
pp. 120-123

Manchu: A Textbook for Reading Documents (2nd ed.)
Gertrude Roth Li
reviewed by Liliya Gorelova
pp. 124-129


A right fit for strategy choice: Comments on Kuzborska (2011)
Alan Taylor
pp. 130–132

Should L2 reading instruction be comprehension-based or language-based?
Response to Taylor’s comment
Irena Kuzborska
pp. 133–135


External Reviewers

Aimee Callender, Anna C-S Chang, Averil Coxhead, Larry Davis, Caroline Erdos, Dana Ferris, Carol Fraser, JoAnn Hammadou-Sullivan, David Hanauer, David Hill, Ari Huhta, Shinichi Izumi, Shigeo Kato, Chris Lima, Ana Lahuerta Martinez, Paul Meara, Enisa Mede, John Norris, Jixian Pang, Amos Paran, Ana Pellicer-Sanchez, Dana Pulido, Tom Robb, Jeanne Schueller, Tetayana Sydorenko, Etsuo Taguchi, Peter Viney, Stuart Webb, Jessica Williams, Jia-Ling Yau, Makoto Yoshii

Copy Editors

Hyunah Ahn, Cheryl DiCello, Priscilla Faucette, Jennifer Holdway, Junko Imai, Gerriet Janssen, Sunhee Kim, Daisuke Kimura, Jessica Miranda, Mike Misner, Laura Mizuha, Karl Neergard, Jeongyeon Park, Shoko Sasayama, Vai Tapiero, Mónica Vidal

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