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Volume 26, Number 1, April 2014

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From the Editors
p. i-iii


Jumping from the highest graded readers to ungraded novels: Four case studies
Jez Uden, Diane Schmitt, & Norbert Schmitt
pp. 1–28
abstract | pdf

Pleasure reading and reading rate gains
David Beglar & Alan Hunt
pp. 29–48
abstract | pdf

Pleasure reading behavior and attitude of non-academic ESL students: A replication study
Eunseok Ro & Cheng-ling Alice Chen
pp. 49–72
abstract | pdf

Changes in reading habits by low literate adults through extensive reading
Victoria Rodrigo, Daphne Greenberg, & Don Segal
pp. 73–91
abstract | pdf

What's so simple about simplified texts? A computational and psycholinguistic investigation of text comprehension and text processing
Scott Crossley, Hae Sung Yang, & Danielle McNamara
pp. 92–113
abstract | pdf

Scoring recalls for L2 readers of English in China: Pausal or idea units
Cindy Brantmeier, Mike Strube, & Xiucheng Yu
pp. 114–130
abstract | pdf

Semantic radical knowledge and word recognition in Chinese for Chinese as foreign language learners
Xiaoxiang Su & Young-Suk Kim
pp. 131–152
abstract | pdf

Cognitive and lingusitic factors affecting alphasyllabary language users comprehending Chinese text
Mark Shiu Kee Shum, Wing Wah Ki, & Che Kan Leong
pp. 153–175
abstract | pdf


Teacher’s Sourcebook for Extensive Reading
George Jacobs & Thomas S. C. Farrell
reviewed by Mike Misner
pp. 176–179

New Ways in Teaching Reading, Revised
Richard R. Day (Ed.)
reviewed by Kasey Larson
pp. 180–185



Addressing the importance of comprehension to reading: Learing lessons from Chang (2012)
Stuart McLean
pp. 186–191

Measuring reading comprehension in an L2 speed reading course: Response to McLean
Anna C-S Chang
pp. 192–194

How effective can extensive reading be? Comments on Robb and Kano (2013)
Alan M. Taylor
pp. 195–198

External Reviewers

Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli, Gillian Claridge, Tom Cobb, Alice Healy, George Jacobs, Xiangying Jiang, Cheryl Kirchhoff, James F. Lee, Mike Misner, Hitoshi Nishizawa, Jixian Pang, Tom Robb, Victoria Rodrigo, Steven Ross, Helen H. Shen, Paul Stepleton, Fredricka Stoller, Paul Talley, Holly Krech Thomas, Jing Wang, Junko Yamashita, and Aiping Zhao

Copy Editors

Hyunah Ahn, Cheryl DiCello, Greg Gagnon, Jennifer Holdway, Alex Kasula, Sangki Kim, Jake Kletzien, Priscilla Leal, Aki Omote, Jeongyeon Park, Hami Suzuki, Fred Zenker, and Jing Zhou

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