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Volume 27, Number 1, April 2015

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From the Editors
p. i-iii


Effects of forward and backward contextual elaboration on lexical inferences: Evidence from a semantic relatedness judgment task
Akira Hamada
pp. 1–21
abstract | pdf

Reading and learning from L2 text: Effects of reading goal, topic familiarity, and language proficiency
Yukie Horiba & Keiko Fukaya
pp. 22–46
abstract | pdf

First language grapheme-phoneme transparency effects in adult second-language learning
Elizabeth Ijalba & Loraine K. Obler
pp. 47–70
abstract | pdf

Language learner strategy by Chinese-speaking EFL readers when comprehending familiar and unfamiliar texts
Jia-Ying Lee
pp. 71–95
abstract | pdf

The influence of translation on reading amount, proficiency, and speed in extensive reading
Nobuko Sakurai
pp. 96–112
abstract | pdf


Longman Academic Reading Series (Books 1–5)
Elizabeth Bottcher (1), Kim Sanabria (2), Judy L. Miller & Robert F. Cohen (3, 4), and Lorraine Smith (5).
reviewed by Jay Tanaka & Jennifer Shannahan
pp. 113–116

The Diagnosis of Reading in a Second or Foreign Language
Alderson, C., Haapakangas, E., Huhta, A., Nieminen, L., & Ullakonoja, R.
reviewed by Aurora Tsai
pp. 117–121

Discussion forum: What constitutes extensive reading? Part 1

Guidelines or commandments? Reconsidering core principles in extensive reading
John Macalister
pp. 122–128

If you build it, they will come: From a “Field of Dreams” to a more realistic view of extensive reading in an EFL Context
Setsuko Mori
pp. 129–135

Principles guiding vocabulary learning through extensive reading
Paul Nation
pp. 136–145

Quizzes—A sin against the sixth commandment? In defense of MReader
Thomas Robb
pp. 146–151

Viewing extensive reading from different vantage points
Fredricka L. Stoller
pp. 152–159

Exploration of the core and variable dimensions of extensive reading research and pedagogy
Rob Waring & Stuart McLean
pp. 160–167

In search of the nature of extensive reading in L2: Cognitive, affective, and pedagogical perspectives
Junko Yamashita
pp. 168–181

External Reviewers

Susan Baleghizadeh, Peter Gobel, Greta Gorsuch, Theres Gruter, George Jacobs, Eun Hee Jeon, Xiangying Jiang, Jeongsoon Joh, Cheryl Kirchhoff, Batia Laufer, Wenling Li, Yu-Cheng Lin, John Macalister, Clara D. Martin, Paul Meara, Scott Miles, John Read, Jerome Packard, Lia Plakans, Gretchen Sunderman, Atsuko Takase, Yea-Ru Tsai, Jez Uden, Thomas Upton, Ian A. G. Wilkinson, Hae Sung Yang.

Copy Editors

Samuel Aguirre, Robert Cunningham, Greg Gagnon, Reginald Gentry, Jennifer Holdway, Alex Kasula, Jake Kletzien, Priscilla Leal, Jerica Manoa, Mike Misner, Jennifer Monje, Aki Omote, Kristin Rock, Jennifer Shannahan, Kristina Smith, Shira Smith, Jay Tanaka, Aurora Tsai, Kezhu Wang, and Jing Zhou.


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