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Volume 28, Number 1, April 2016

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From the Editors
p. i-iii


Text-based recall and extra-textual generations resulting from simplified and authentic texts
Scott A. Crossley & Danielle S. McNamara
pp. 1–19
abstract | pdf

Investigating reading comprehension and learning styles in relation to reading strategies in L2
Meral Özkan Gürses & Eric Bouvet
pp. 20–42
abstract | pdf

Automatization and orthographic development in second language visual word recognition
Shusaku Kida
pp. 43–62
abstract | pdf

What can readers read after graded readers?
Jeff McQuillan
pp. 63–78
abstract | pdf

Cohesion features in ESL reading: Comparing beginning, intermediate and advanced textbooks
Lia Plakans & Zeynep Bilki
pp. 79–100
abstract | pdf

Scaffolding in L2 reading: How repetition and an auditory model help readers
Etsuo Taguchi, Greta Gorsuch, Kristin Lems, & Rory Rosszell
pp. 101–117
abstract | pdf

Measuring second language vocabulary knowledge using a temporal method
Masayuki Tanabe
pp. 118–142
abstract | pdf


The importance of supporting inferences with evidence: Learning lessons from Huffman (2014) in the hope of providing stronger evidence for extensive reading
Stuart McLean
pp. 143–147

Response to the critique of the Huffman (2014) article, “Reading rate gains during a one-semester extensive reading course”
Jeffrey Huffman
pp. 148–150

Response to Sakurai: The influence of translation on reading amount, proficiency and speed in extensive reading
Meredith Stephens
pp. 151–154

(Re)Defining translation in EFL classrooms: Comments on Sakurai (2015)
Víctor R. Quiñones Guerra
pp. 155–157

Response to the critiques of the Sakurai (2015) article, “The influence of translation on reading amount, proficiency, and speed in extensive reading”
Nobuko Sakurai
pp. 158–160

External Reviewers

Nobuhiko Akamatsu, Khalid Al-Seghayer, Laurence Anthony, Gillian Claridge, Averil Coxhead, Jan Hulstijn, Hideki Goya, Eunhee Jeon, Kris Kyle, Imma Miralpeix, Luke Plonsky, Mitsue Sandom, Alan Taylor, Billy Woodall, Shiyu Wu, and Haesung Yang.

Copy Editors

Hyunah Ahn, Cheryl Di Cello, Greg Gagnon, Reginald Gentry, Patricia Lorena Bustos Gonzalez, Alex Kasula, Treela McKamey, Jerica Manoa, Mike Misner, Jose Maria Molina Naar, Aki Omote, Dahyun Park, Brian Parrott, Jay Tanaka, Gordon West, Fred Zenker, and Jing Zhou.


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