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Volume 29, Number 1, April 2017

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From the Editors
p. i-iii


Narrow reading: Effects on EFL learners’ reading speed, comprehension, and perceptions
Anna C-S Chang & Sonia Millett
pp. 1–19
abstract | pdf

An exploratory study of NNES graduate students’ reading comprehension of English journal articles
Kate Tzu-Ching Chen
pp. 20–35
abstract | pdf

Discipline-specific reading expectation and challenges for ESL learners in US universities
K. James Hartshorn, Norman W. Evans, Jesse Egbert, & Amy Johnson
pp. 36–60
abstract | pdf

The differential impact of reading and listening on L2 incidental acquisition of different dimensions of word knowledge
Sarvenaz Hatami
pp. 61–85
abstract | pdf

Standards of coherence in second language reading: Sentence connectivity and reading proficiency
Shingo Nahatame
pp. 86–112
abstract | pdf

L2 Japanese learners’ responses to translation, speed reading, and ‘pleasure reading’ as a form of extensive reading
Mitsue Tabata-Sandom
pp. 113–132
abstract | pdf

The effects of L1 and L2 group discussions on L2 reading comprehension
Blake Turnbull & Moyra Sweetnam Evans
pp. 133–154
abstract | pdf

Foreign language reading anxiety in a Chinese as a foreign language context
Jing Zhou
pp. 155–173
abstract | pdf


Extensive Reading Strategies in EFL Classrooms: A Practical Overview for Enhancing Reading Comprehension
B Fawzi Al Ghazali
reviewed by Jeongim Choi
pp. 174–177


Spreeder: A web app to develop and enhance reading speed
Musa Nushi
pp. 178–184

External Reviewers

Laura Allen, Neil Anderson, Aimee Callender, Irina Elgort, Doreen Ewert, William Grabe, Yasuko Kanno, Kyle Kristopher, Jia-Ying Lee, Chris Lima, Meihua Liu, John Macalister, Diane Malcolm, Jeff McQuillan, Aaron Mermelstein, Mark Pacheco, Jeongyeon Park, Michael Rodgers, Susanne Rott, Jeanne Schueller, Etsuo Taguchi, Karl Uhrig, Hilde Van Zeeland, and Aiping Zhao.

Copy Editors

Greg Gagnon, Reginald Gentry, Jennifer Holdway, Alex Kasula, Jessica Fast Michel, Uy-Di Nancy Le, Treela McKamey, Mike Misner, Aki Omote, Brian Parrott, Kristin Rock, Mitsuko Suzuki, and Jing Zhou.


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