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Volume 30, Number 1, April 2018

Table of Contents

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From the Editors
p. i-iii


Effective strategy groups used by readers of Chinese as a foreign language
Sha Huang
pp. 1–28
abstract | pdf

Multilinguals and extensive reading: Two multilinguality portraits of learners of Norwegian
Anna M. Krulatz & Jennifer Duggan
pp. 29–47
abstract | pdf

Incidental learning of duplex collocations from reading: Three case studies
Marijana Macis
pp. 48–75
abstract | pdf

Increasing reading self-efficacy and reading amount in EFL learners with word-targets
Stuart McLean & Joseph Poulshock
pp. 76–91
abstract | pdf

The threshold of anxiety in low-stakes testing for foreign language reading
Hitoshi Mikami, Chi Yui Leung, & Lisa Yoshikawa
pp. 92–107
abstract | pdf

Embodied EFL reading activity: Let’s produce comics
Ruei-Fang Shiang
pp. 108–129
abstract | pdf

Bringing extensive reading and reading strategies into the Taiwanese junior college classroom
Ying-Chun Shih, Chiou-lan Chern, & Barry Lee Reynolds
pp. 130–151
abstract | pdf

L2 reading fluency progression using timed reading and repeated oral reading
Torrin R. Shimono
pp. 152–179
abstract | pdf


Literature Into the Classroom
Amos Paran & Pauline Robinson
reviewed by Sultan Altalhab
pp. 180–183

The Use of L1 Cognitive Resources in L2 Reading by Chinese EFL Learners
Shiyu Wu
reviewed by Haley Dolosic
pp. 184–188

External Reviewers

Larisa Aronin, David Beglar, Frank Boers, Anna Chang, Cecilia Chang, Julie Damron, Doreen Ewert, Jeffrey Huffman, Xiangying Jiang, Young Joo Kim, Jeongyeon Park, Willie Renandya, Tom Robb, Pawel Szudarski, Etsuo Taguchi, Brent Wolter, and Dolly Young

Copy Editors

Carrie Bach, Carrie Bramlet, Robin Caselli, Cheryl Di Cello, Greg Gagnon, Reginald Gentry, Jennifer Holdway, HyeYoung Jung, Alex Kasula, Jake Kletzien, Hoa Le, Mike Misner, Aki Omote, Leeseul Park, Brian Parrott, Raquel Reinagel, Fred Zenker, Yining Zhao, and Jing Zhou


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