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Volume 31, Number 1, April 2019

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From the Editors
p. i-ii


Reading performance of Japanese high school learners following a one-year extensive reading program
Natsuki Aka
pp. 1–18
abstract | pdf

Reading comprehension: The mediating role of metacognitive strategies
Ghazi Ghaith & Hind El-Sanyoura
pp. 19–43
abstract | pdf

EFL test preparation in China: The multidimensionality of the reading-writing relationship
Huan Liu, Cindy Brantmeier, & Michael Strube
pp. 44–61
abstract | pdf

Can L1 children's literature be used in the English language classroom? High frequency words in writing for children
John Macalister & Stuart Webb
pp. 62–80
abstract | pdf

Effects of multimodal tasks on students’ critical reading ability and perceptions
Savika Varaporn & Pragasit Sitthitikul
pp. 81–108
abstract | pdf

The effects of reading bilingual books on vocabulary learning
Zhiying Zhang & Stuart Webb
pp. 108–139
abstract | pdf


Website Xreading
reviewed by Andrew John Wilkins
pp. 140–146

Teacher Development in Technology-Enhanced Language Teaching
Jeong-Bae Son
reviewed by Ceyhun Yükselir
pp. 147–149

External Reviewers

Neil Anderson, Aimee Callender, Xuesong (Andy) Gao, Lin Guo, Ran Hu, Daniel Jackson, Xiangying Jiang, Janina Kahn-Horwitz, Kris Kyle, Batia Laufer, Marijana Macis, Diane Malcolm, Hiram Maxim, Scott Miles, Ryan Miller, Kate Paesani, Daniel Stewart, Alan Taylor, Sylvia Yea-Ru Tsai, Dolly Young, and Cui Zhang

Copy Editors

Cheryl Di Cello, Masaki Eguchi, Fátima Magdalena Gatón Gabriel, Reginald Gentry, Alex Kasula, Jake Kletzien, Victoria Lee, Mike Misner, Brian Parrott, and Kristen Urada


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