Reading in a Foreign Language
Volume 15, Number 2, October 2003
ISSN 1539-0578

From the Editors

The autumn 2004 special topic issue is on methods and applications in reading research. This special issue, edited by Elizabeth Bernhardt, will feature articles that treat methods and applications in reading research. This includes both qualitative and quantitative methods, populations requiring different approaches (e.g., nonliterate in L1, young children), methodological reviews, assessment methods, verbal reports and protocol analysis, experimental designs as well as interventions, and orthographic and phonological variables. Click here for more information.

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We acknowledge the support of the National Foreign Language Resource Center and and the Department of Second Language Studies, College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, University of Hawai`i. Their generosity is deeply appreciated.

We would like to thank the members of the Editorial Board for their work with this volume. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the following external reviewers who have provided valuable comments on submitted manuscripts through 2003: Julian Bamford, Steven Brown, Karin Bügel, Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli, Hsi-Chin Janet Chu, Andrew Cohen, JoAnn Crandall, Alister Cumming, Beatrice Dupuy, Warwick Elley, David Eskey, Mary Lee Field, John Flowerdew, Joann Hammadou, Ken Hyland, Ann Johns, Stephen Krashen, Paul Meara, Jeff McQuillan, Cecily O'Neill, Beniko Mason, David Qian, Willy Renandya, Thomas Robb, Mark Sawyer, Alistair Sharp, Gail Taillefer, and Rob Waring.

We hope that you find this issue of RFL exciting and helpful. We would like to have your feedback to the articles; please feel free to contact us with your reactions, comments and suggestions.

In This Issue

  • Ratnawati and Ismail report on an extensive reading program in three rural secondary schools in Malaysia. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Chung and Nation discuss the results of two studies of technical vocabulary, one using an anatomy text and the other an applied linguistics text. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Ridgway explores recent development of mass literacy internationally, and the differing concepts of literacy that exist within and between cultures and discusses how this might help teachers deal with a common phenomenon in the reading class. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Waring and Takaki examine the rate at which EFL students learned and retained vocabulary from reading a graded reader. read abstract | article | pdf version
  • Sharynne Wade reviews Reading Comprehension and Text Organization by Alastair Sharp. read review | pdf version
  • Moana Rosa reviews Short Stories for Creative Language Classrooms by Joanne Collie and Stephen Slater. read review | pdf version

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