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Volume 18, Number 2, October 2006

Table of Contents

Editorial Board, About RFL, and Information for Contributors

From the Editors
pp. i-ii
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Craig Chaudron: In Memoriam
pp. iii-iv
text | pdf


Toward a multicomponent model of interest and L2 reading: Sources of interest, perceived situational interest, and comprehension
Cindy Brantmeier
pp. 89-115
abstract | article | pdf

Discussion Forum

Text selection and frequency: Comments on Pigada and Schmitt (2006)
Alan Taylor
pp. 116-117
discussion | pdf


RFL revisited: Past articles today

The article:
A reprint of Edge, J. (1983). Reading to take notes and to summarize: A classroom procedure. Reading in a Foreign Language, 1(2), 93-98.
pp. 118-123
article | pdf

From paragraphs to patterns: Ablocutionary value in autobiography
Julian Edge
pp. 124-127
commentary | pdf
Just taking notes is not enough
Jee Hyun Ma
pp. 128-130
commentary | pdf

Readings on L2 reading: Publications in other venues: 2005-2006
pp. 131-135
feature | pdf


Literature in Language Education
Geoff Hall
reviewed by: Sam Duncan
pp. 136-139
review | pdf

Mediating Ideology in Text and Image: Ten Critical Studies
Inger Lassen, Jeanne Strunck, & Torben Vestergaard (Eds.)
reviewed by: Alan Jones
pp. 140-147
review | pdf

The Science of Reading: A Handbook
Margaret Snowling & Charles Hume (Eds.)
reviewed by: Diane Malcolm
pp. 148-151
review | pdf

Teaching Word Meanings
Steven A. Stahl & William E. Nagy
reviewed by: Paul Nation
pp. 152-154
review | pdf

External Reviewers

Jo Ann Aebersold, Robert Bley-Vroman, Paul Bogaards, Steven Brown, Gillian Claridge, Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli, Beatrice Dupuy, Jana Echevarria , Michael Everson, Mary Lee Field, Pauline Foster, Diana Frantzen, Bob Gibson, Greta Gorsuch, Yao Hill, Guiling Hu, Myong Hui Ko, Ailing Kong, Alan Maley, Jaya Mukundan, Maria Pigada, Diana Pulido, John Read, Willy Renandya, Susanne Rott, Norbert Schmitt, Karen Schramm, Peter Viney, Carolyn Walker, Rob Waring, Marjorie Wesche, Jessica Williams

Copy Editors

Keiko Konoeda, Mar Galindo Merino, Samantha Ng, Ky Nguyen, Elizabeth Pfaff, Andrew Pongco, Brian Shoen, Daniel J. Silver, Castle Sinicrope

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