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Volume 20, Number 2, October 2008

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Reading and Vocabulary
Edited by Rob Waring

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From the Editors
pp. i-ii
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From the Guest Editor
pp. iii-iv
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Incidental vocabulary acquisition from reading, reading-while-listening, and listening to stories
Ronan Brown, Rob Waring, and Sangrawee Donkaewbua
pp. 136–163
abstract | article | pdf

The virtuous circle: Modeling individual differences in L2 reading and vocabulary development
Diana Pulido and David Z. Hambrick
pp. 164–190
abstract | article | pdf

Beyond raw frequency: Incidental vocabulary acquisition in extensive reading
Soo-Ok Kweon and Hae-Ri Kim
pp. 191–215
abstract | article | pdf

Evaluating L2 readers’ vocabulary strategies and dictionary use
Caleb Prichard
pp. 216–231
abstract | article | pdf

The effects of context on incidental vocabulary learning
Stuart Webb
pp. 232–245
abstract | article | pdf

Vocabulary assistance before and during reading
Stephen Alessi and Angelique Dwyer
pp. 246–263
abstract | article | pdf


Inside Reading: The Academic Word List in Context
Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman (Series Ed.)
reviewed by: Averil Coxhead, Margaret Gari, and Matella Urakowi
pp. 264–268
review | pdf

Academic Reading (5th ed.)
Kathleen T. McWhorter
reviewed by: Kyae-Sung Park
pp. 269–272
review | pdf

Teaching Second Language Reading
Thom Hudson
reviewed by: Sue Ollerhead
pp. 273–277
review | pdf


Readings on L2 reading: Publications in other venues: 2007-2008
pp. 278–286
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External Reviewers

Charles Browne, Tess Fitzpatrick, Marlise Horst, Angela Joe, Tadamitsu Kamimoto, John Paul Loucky, Paul Meara, Scott Miles, Jim Milton, Jayakaran Mukundan, Hilary Nesi, Johnathon Newton, Joanne Park, John Read, Jim Ronald, Rory Rosszell, Norbert Schmitt, Stuart Webb, Brent Wolter, Junko Yamashita

Copy Editors

Amy Goodman-Bide, Yue Guo, Nathan Johnson, Ann Johnstun, Myeong-hyeon Kim, Jake Kletzien, Elizabeth Lavolette, Treela McKamey, Mar Galindo Merino, Samantha NG, Leslie Reynolds, Bal Krishna Sharma, Bong-Gi Sohn, Sakol Suethanapornkul, Aya Takeda, Choongil Yoon, Jae Rim Yoon, Soo Jung Youn, Ying Zhou

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