Reading in a Foreign Language    ISSN 1539-0578
Volume 20, Number 2, October 2008

From the Editors

We are very pleased with this special issue of Reading in a Foreign Language that deals with reading and vocabulary. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Rob Waring for editing this special issue. We are confident that this issue will be particularly useful to readers of the journal. 

We had originally planned for this issue to deal with a second important theme, Reading in Languages Other Than English. For a variety of reasons, this theme will appear in Volume 21, Number 1, April 2009; as previously announced, the theme is edited by Cindy Brantmeier and Keiko Koda. In addition to articles on Reading in Languages Other Than English, there will also be articles that focus on other topics.

We would like to have your feedback to the articles in this special issue; please feel free to contact us with your reactions, comments, and suggestions.  

Once again, we request that readers of Reading in a Foreign Language who have not yet subscribed to become subscribers―at no cost. All subscribers have the option of being notified through e-mail as soon as each new issue is released. We ask you to subscribe because it will assist us in continuing to obtain institutional support for the journal, keeping it free of charge. We keep all subscriber information confidential. So, please fill out the brief subscription form for Reading in a Foreign Language.

I would also like to thank the National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC), the University of Hawai‘i College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, and the University of Hawai‘i Department of Second Language Studies for their continued support of Reading in a Foreign Language.

In this issue


  • Ronan Brown, Rob Waring, and Sangrawee Donkaewbua present the results of their study on incidental vocabulary acquisition from reading, reading-while-listening, and listening to stories. abstract | article | pdf
  • Diana Pulido and David Z. Hambrick report on their study that models individual differences in second language reading and vocabulary development via structural equation modeling. abstract | article | pdf
  • Soo-Ok Kweon and Hae-Ri Kim examine incidental vocabulary acquisition in extensive reading by looking at the relationship among amount of incidental vocabulary acquisition, proportion of vocabulary retention, and effect of occurrence frequency and word classes. abstract | article | pdf
  • Caleb Prichard evaluates the dictionary use of Japanese university students to determine how selective they are when reading nonfiction English texts for general comprehension. abstract | article | pdf
  • Stuart Webb presents his study that addresses the effects of context on incidental vocabulary learning. abstract | article | pdf
  • Stephen Alessi and Angelique Dwyer contrasts vocabulary assistance before and during reading. abstract | article | pdf


  • The feature, “Readings on L2 Reading: Publications in Other Venues,” presents references through 2007-2008. feature | pdf


  • Averil Coxhead, Margaret Gari, and Matella Urakowi review Inside Reading: The Academic Word List in Context, by Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman (Series Editor). review | pdf
  • Kyae-Sung Park reviews Academic Reading (5th ed.), edited by Kathleen T. McWhorter. review | pdf
  • Sue Ollerhead reviews Teaching Second Language Reading, by Thom Hudson. review | pdf

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