Reading in a Foreign Language    ISSN 1539-0578
Volume 20, Number 2, October 2008

From the Guest Editor

Rob Waring
Notre Dame Seishin University

It has been a great honor to be Guest Editor on this special issue of Reading in a Foreign Language on reading and vocabulary. This special issue was conceived almost two years ago to highlight the growing importance of studying the relationship between vocabulary and reading. In that regards the special issue is a success.

The papers here provide new insights to this relationship in different ways. Soo-Ok Kweon and Hae-Ri Kim studied the rate of incidental vocabulary acquisition from the reading of authentic literary texts. Ronan Brown, Rob Waring, and Sangrawee Donkaewbua also reported on incidental vocabulary acquisition, but by comparing reading, reading-while-listening, and only listening. Stephen Alessi and Angelique Dyer investigated whether learners benefit more from being assisted prior to reading or during reading. Stuart Webb looked at whether words are better remembered in reading due to the frequency of repetition or the quality of the context. Caleb Prichard evaluated L2 readers’ vocabulary strategies and dictionary use. Diana Pudilo and David Hambrick investigated the relative contributions of experiential and ability factors to second language passage comprehension and L2 vocabulary retention.

All these papers have contributed to our understanding of the relationship between vocabulary and reading in different and varied ways. These papers also raise as many questions as they answer, which we hope will lead to more research and more quality papers for Reading in a Foreign Language.

In closing I would like to thank the almost three dozen external reviewers for their time and knowledge which has contributed greatly to improving the quality of the papers. The reviews are Charles Browne, Tess Fitzpatrick, Marlise Horst, Angela Joe, Tadamitsu Kamimoto, John Paul Loucky, Paul Meara, Scott Miles, Jim Milton, Jayakaran Mukundan, Hilary Nesi, Johnathon Newton, Joanne Park, John Read, Jim Ronald, Rory Rosszell, Norbert Schmitt, Stuart Webb, Brent Wolter, and Junko Yamashita.

I would also like to thank the following copy editors: 

Amy Goodman-Bide, Yue Guo, Nathan Johnson, Ann Johnstun, Myeong-hyeon Kim, Jake Kletzien, Treela McKamey, Mar Galindo Merino, Samantha NG, Elizabeth Pfaff, Leslie Reynolds, Bal Krishna Sharma, Bong-Gi Sohn, Sakol Suethanapornkul, Aya Takeda, Choongil Yoon, Jae Rim Yoon, Soo Jung Youn, and Ying Zhou.

But most of all I want to express my sincerest thanks to Assistant Editor, Zhijun (David) Wen, for him keeping me up to date and on track. 

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