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Volume 21, Number 2, October 2009

Table of Contents

Editorial Board, About RFL, and Information for Contributors

From the Editors
pp. i–ii


Teacher modeling: Its impact on an extensive reading program
Jason Kok Khiang Loh
pp. 93–118
abstract | pdf

L1 glosses: Effects on EFL learners’ reading comprehension and vocabulary retention
Ying-Hsueh Cheng and Robert L. Good
pp. 119–142
abstract | pdf

A limitation on reading as a source of linguistic input: Evidence from deaf learners
Joseph H. Bochner and Anne M. Bochner
pp. 143–158
abstract | pdf

Topic congruence and topic interest: How do they affect second language reading comprehension?
Sang-Ki Lee
pp. 159–178
abstract | pdf

Heritage background, motivation, and reading ability of upper-level postsecondary students of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
Kimi Kondo-Brown
pp. 179–197
abstract | pdf

Academic English reading proficiency at the university level: A Norwegian case study
Glenn Ole Hellekjær
pp. 198–222
abstract | pdf


Literacy Research for Political Action and Social Change
Mollie V. Blackburn and Caroline T. Clark (Eds.)
reviewed by Bong-gi Sohn
pp. 223–227

Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing
I. S. Paul Nation
reviewed by Heike Neumann
pp. 228–232


Readings on L2 reading: Publications in other venues 2008–2009
pp. 233–239

External Reviewers

Jo Ann Aebersold, Gerald P. Berent, Gary Buck, Nathan Carr, Nobuko Chikamatsu-Chandler, Jean-Marc Dewaele, Thomas S. C. Farrell, Tess Fitzpatrick, Carol A. Fraser, Dee Gardner, Daryl B. Greenfield, Yuko Hijikata, Kimi Kondo-Brown, Jeong-Won Lee, Ronald P. Leow, John Paul Loucky, Angelia Lu, Nicole Mills, Kouider Mokhtari, Amos Paran, Aek Phakiti, Alex Poole, Thomas Robb, Carsten Roever, Susanne Rott, Alan Taylor, Junko Yamashita

Copy Editors

Amy Goodman-Bide, Yue Guo, Nathan Johnson, HeeJin Kim, Jake Kletzien, Elizabeth Pfaff Lavolette, Wenpei Long, Treela McKamey, Mar Galindo Merino, Samantha Ng, Kyae-Sung Park, Leslie Reynolds, Bal Krishna Sharma, Sakol Suethanapornkul, Aya Takeda, Jae Rim Yoon, Ying Zhou

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