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Volume 22, Number 2, October 2010

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From the Editors
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Repeated-reading-based instructional strategy and vocabulary acquisition: A case study of a heritage speaker of Chinese
ZhaoHong Han and Cheng-ling Alice Chen
pp. 242–262
abstract | pdf

Examining reading fluency in a foreign language: Effects of text segmentation on L2 readers
Junko Yamashita and Shingo Ichikawa
pp. 263–283
abstract | pdf

The effect of a timed reading activity on EFL learners: Speed, comprehension, and perceptions
Anna C-S Chang
pp. 284–303
abstract | pdf

Extensive graded reading in the liberal arts and sciences
Joseph Poulshock
pp. 304–322
abstract | pdf

Self-assessment of word knowledge with graded readers: A preliminary study
Udorn Wan-a-rom
pp. 323–338
abstract | pdf


Reading in a Second Language: Moving from Theory to Practice
William Grabe
reviewed by Ryan Richardson
pp. 338–342

Second Language Reading Research and Instruction: Crossing the Boundaries
ZhaoHong Han and Neil J. Anderson (Eds.)
reviewed by Amanda Lanier Temples
pp. 343–347

Connected Words: Word Associations and Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition
Paul Meara
reviewed by Eric Wallace
pp. 348–352


Glossing is sometimes a distraction: Comments on Cheng and Good (2009)
Alan Taylor
pp. 353–354

An improper assumption? The treatment of proper nouns in text coverage counts
Dale Brown
pp. 355–361


Reading on L2 reading: Publications in other venues 2009–2010
pp. 362–371

External Reviewers

Neil J. Anderson, Cindy Brantmeier, Averil Coxhead, Carol A. Fraser, Marc Helgesen, Yuko Hijikata, Marianne, Paul Nation, Stephen Powell, Steve Ross, Etsuo Taguchi

Copy Editors

Amy Goodman-Bide, Valerie M P R Guerin, Yue Guo, Jeffrey Hayden, Ju-A Hwang, Myeong-Hyeon Kim, Jake Kletzien, Treela McKamey, Mar Galindo Merino, Samantha NG, Ky Nguyen, Kyae-Sung Park, Bal Krishna Sharma, Sakol Suethanapornkul, Aya Takeda, Ying Zhou

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