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Volume 26, Number 2, October 2014

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From the Editors
p. i-iii


How much input do you need to learn the most frequent 9,000 words?
Paul Nation
pp. 1–16
abstract | pdf

Reading rate gains during a one-semester extensive reading course
Jeffrey Huffman
pp. 17–33
abstract | pdf

Toward independent L2 readers: Effects of text adjuncts, subject knowledge, L1 reading, and L2 proficiency
Cindy Brantmeier, JoAnn Hammadou Sullivan, & Michael Strube
pp. 34–53
abstract | pdf

Strategic Processing and Predictive Inference Generation in L2 Reading
Shingo Nahatame
pp. 54–77
abstract | pdf


Reading Assessment: Linking Language, Literacy, and Cognition Melissa Lee Farrall
reviewed by Kamal Heidari Soureshjani
pp. 78–81

Phonological Awareness and Reading Acquisition: An Educational Proposal for Introducing English in Italian Preschools
Verusca Costenaro
reviewed by Haomin Zhang
pp. 82–85


Reading on L2 reading: Publications in other venues 2013–2014
pp. 86–98

External Reviewers

Khalid Al-seghayer, Ryoko de Burgh-Hirabe, Nathan Carr, Anna C-S Chang, Amanda Clinton, Henrik Gyllstad, Yukie Horiba, Peter Hourdequin, Kristin Lems, Michael Lesser, Zheng Lin, Hsien-Chin Liou, Setsuko Mori, Heike Neumann, Alex Poole, David Qian, Nevitt Reagan, Thomas N. Robb, Steven Ross, Etsuo Taguchi, Osamu Takeuchi, Holly Trech Thomas, Stacy Todaro, Stuart Webb, Junko Yamashita, and SooJung Youn.

Copy Editors

Hyunah Ahn, Grace Cassagnol, Danielle Combs, Cheryl DiCello, Jennifer Holdway, Hanbyul Jung, Alex Kasula, Jake Kletzien, Kasey Larsen, Mike Misner, Aki Omote, Dahyun Park, Jeongyeon Park, and Fred Zenker.


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