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Volume 28, Number 2, October 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Celebrating Linguistically Diverse Learners of St. Louis:
Responsive Research and Practice for Literacy

Edited by Cindy Brantmeier


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From the Editors
p. i-ii

From the Special Issue Editor
p. iii-iv

Special Issue Articles

The complexity of second language reading: Investigating the L1-L2 relationship
Lisbeth M. Brevik, Rolf Vegar Olsen, & Glenn Ole Hellekjær
pp. 161–182
abstract | pdf

Proficiency as a variable in Gulf EFL students’ employment of reading strategies
Martin J. Endley
pp. 183–223
abstract | pdf

Exploring learner factors in second language (L2) incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading
Aiping Zhao, Ying Guo, Carrie Biales, & Arnold Olszewski
pp. 224–245
abstract | pdf

Regular Articles

The effectiveness of ER on reading proficiency: A meta-analysis
Eun-Young Jeon & Richard R. Day
pp. 246–265
abstract | pdf

Investigating connections among reading, writing, and language development: A multiliteracies perspective
Kate Paesani
pp. 266–289
abstract | pdf


Second Language Reading: Cognitive and Psycholinguistic Perspectives.
Becky Xi Chen, Vedran Dronjic & Rena Helms-Park
reviewed by Tianxu Chen
pp. 290–293

Special Issue Discussion

The Geospatial analysis of L2 reading achievement: Challenges and opportunities
Elizabeth Thorne-Wallington
pp. 294–298

Regular Discussion

Numbers or numerology? A response to Nation (2014) and McQuillan (2016)
Thomas Cobb
pp. 299–304

Response to Tom Cobb
Paul Nation
pp. 305–306

Time, texts, and teaching in vocabulary acquisition: A rebuttal to Cobb (2016)
Jeff McQuillan
pp. 307–318


Readings on L2 reading: Publications in other venues 2015–2016
Shenika Harris, Carolina Bernales, Gabriela Romero-Ghiretti, Haley Dolosic, Huan Liu, Tracy Van Bishop
pp. 319-366

External Reviewers

Marilyn L. Abbott, David Beglar, George Bunch, Andrew Cohen, James Cummins, Andy Gao, Glenn Ole Hellekjær, Marlise Horst, Amanda Kibler, Brandon Kramer, Batia Laufer, Jeanne Schueller, Mike Strube, Alan Taylor, Yea-Ru Tsai, Dolly Young, Makoto Yoshii, Xiucheng Yu.

Copy Editors

Hyunah Ahn, Cheryl Di Cello, Reginald Gentry, Jennifer Holdway, Alex Kasula, Jake Kletzien, Treela McKamey, Mike Misner, Jennifer Monje, Aki Omote, Brian Parrott, Jennifer Shannahan, Jay Tanaka, and Jing Zhou.


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