Stephen Tschudi

(né Stephen Fleming)
Specialist in Technology for Language Education

University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Key responsibilities
Developing distance education applications for Chinese language at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels; teaching Chinese language in the classroom and via distributed media; coordinating the offering of distance language courses at the University of Hawaii; developing Chinese language educational materials; disseminating models of effective pedagogy for foreign languages via distance education.


CHN 105 and 205
Beginning and Intermediate Chinese for Business Professionals (8 credits each) , taught in a traditional classroom using a combination of traditional and online media. The course text is Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture by Cynthia Ning ??? et al.

Employee Information

College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature

Work Units
National Foreign Language Resource Center;
Center for Language and Technology



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Previous Classes

CHN 201

The third semester of Mandarin Chinese, taught via the Hawai`i Interactive Television System, operated by the Office of Distributed Learning & User Services.

ESL 418

Instructional Media: integrating technology into the language curriculum and classroom.

CHN 111 and 112
Conversational Mandarin Chinese (3 credits each), taught via an array of distributed media, namely: independent study materials such as books and CD-ROMs; the World Wide Web; and live, local tutoring in each location where the course is offered. More details of the model are described in "Distance Education to Distributed Learning: Multiple Formats and Technologies in Language Instruction" in CALICO Journal (22) 1, p. 63-82, September, 2004. The course text is Communicating in Chinese by Cynthia Ning.
CHN 211 and 212
Continuation of Conversational Mandarin Chinese (3 credits each) into the second year. Course text is Exploring in Chinese by Cynthia Ning.
Online courses at the advanced level in Chinese and Japanese
These Web-based courses, available both to Manoa students and to Outreach College extension students, strengthen reading and writing skills at the Intermediate-High to Advanced level. For more information, visit the link above.

Contact Information

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Office phone

Office fax 808-956-2533 808-956-5983

An online version of my CV may be seen here.

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