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Our Call for Proposals deadline (January 1, 2012) has passed - thank you for your interest!

For a PDF version of the extended Call for Papers (English & Chinese), click here.

Co-sponsored with Hamilton College, the National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) and the National Resource Center East Asia (NRCEA) at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa are pleased to host The 7th International Conference and Workshops on Technology and Chinese Language Teaching in the 21st Century (TCLT7) from May 25 through 27, 2012 at the Hawai‘i Imin International Conference Center at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. Initiated by Hamilton College in 2000, this biennial conference aims to bridge the gap between technology and teaching methodology and curriculum as well as to enhance the exchange on technology-based Chinese language learning and instruction. The combination of in-depth panel discussions and hands-on workshops on technology-enhanced Chinese language teaching is a hallmark of TCLT conferences, which have contributed a great deal to the field of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Over the past 11 years, about 200 institutions from 17 countries and regions have sent hundreds of professionals to join TCLT.

TCLT7 will place emphases on frontier research topics such as mobile learning, cloud technology, the digital classroom, and computational linguistics, as well as on general topics on the integration of technology in day-to-day usage. The program will include keynote speeches, paper presentations and panel discussions, hands-on workshops, computer program demonstration, and a technology-based educational product exhibition. Supported by more than 200 institutions worldwide, TCLT7 will bring together about 250 academics for discussion.


Travel Subsidies & Scholarships

Accepted & registered presenters will receive a conference travel subsidy of $100-$150, and graduate student presenters will receive $200 travel scholarships, subject to funding availability. More details will be forthcoming.


Conference Main Themes

Mobile learning, cloud technology, application of computational and descriptive linguistic research, and all topics related to technology-facilitated Chinese language instruction and learning

Invited keynote speakers

  • Xie, Tianwei (California State University, Long Beach)
  • Lu, Jianming (Peking University)
  • Huang, Chu Ren (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Hsin, Shichang (National Taiwan Normal University)
  • Sunaoka, Kazuko (Waseda University)
  • Wang, Hong Jun (Peking University)


  • Cloud Computing and iPad Apps for Teaching and Learning Chinese (Tianwei Xie, California State University, Long Beach)
  • Interactive fun with Google Form and Google Chart (John Chang, University of Southern California)
  • Simple Solutions to Daily Tasks: Screen Movies for Teaching/Learning Activities (Phyllis Zhang, The George Washington University)
  • Peking University Modern Chinese Treebank and its Application on Language Teaching (Zhan Weidong, Peking University)
  • Free Online Tools and Resources for Beginning Level Chinese Courses (Shijuan Liu, Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • Creating Online Learning Materials with an Advanced Chinese Annotator (Jin Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Conference Languages

Chinese and English


Submission Deadlines

Extended Abstract Online Submission Deadline

1/1/2012 (All regions, including North American and Non-North American)

Our Call for Proposals deadline (January 1, 2012) has passed - thank you for your interest!

Abstract Acceptance Notification: 1/15/2012
Completed Paper Submission Deadline: 3/15/2012

Email your completed paper in both .pdf and .doc formats to no later than 3/15/2012. Make sure you include (1) your name (last name, first name), (2) Chinese name if any, (3) valid e-mail address, (4) affiliation, (5) status (presenter or not), (6) abstract, and (7) title of the abstract/paper submitted. Style sheet for full size paper will be published on the conference website on December 1, 2011. Pre-conference proceedings will be published by National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC), University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. Best papers will be selected for the publication in June Issue of Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching and print version of paper collection published by China Social Sciences Press (中国社会科学出版社) in 2012.


Topics Related but Not Limited to

  • Incorporation of mobile technology into day-to-day instruction: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture
  • Application of cloud technology
  • Application of Chinese computational linguistic research in language teaching
  • Technology-facilitated application of descriptive Chinese linguistics research in CFL learning and instruction
  • Chinese language learner corpus and database
  • From theory and research to new directions in Chinese language teaching in the digital age
  • Intercultural exchange and computer mediated communication
  • Importance, usage, assessment, device, curriculum design, and development of technology-based Chinese language teaching
  • Virtual classroom
  • Hybrid courses: classroom and virtual learning
  • Distance learning
  • Network-based language testing
  • Digital instructional materials development
  • Multimedia instruction and second language acquisition
  • Issues in CALL research
  • Other related topics on technology-enhanced Chinese language teaching


If you have additional questions about the abstract submission & selection process, click here.


Our Call for Proposals deadline (January 1, 2012) has passed - thank you for your interest!

美国夏威夷大学国家外语语言资源中心及国家东亚资源中心与汉弥尔顿大学共同承办第七届国际汉语电脑教学研讨会及工作坊,会议将于2012年5月25日至27日在美国夏威夷州檀香山市夏威夷大学马诺阿校区(University of Hawaii at Manoa)的夏威夷Imin国际会议中心举行。







  • 谢天蔚(长堤加州州立大学)
  • 陆俭明(北京大学)
  • 黃居仁(香港理工大學)
  • 信世昌(国立台湾师范大学)
  • 砂岡和子(早稲田大学)
  • 王洪君(北京大学)


  • 云端工具与 ipad 应用程序(谢天蔚 长堤加州州立大学)
  • 谷歌 Form 与 chart 的互动(张文光 南加州州立大学)
  • 屏幕录像教学活动 (张霓 乔治华盛顿大学)
  • 北京大学现代汉语树库在语言教学中的应用(詹卫东 北京大学)
  • 适用于初级汉语课程的免费在线工具与资源(刘士娟 宾夕法尼亚印第安纳大学)
  • 利用高级汉语注释软件编写在线汉语学习材料 (张锦 麻省理工学院)





Our Call for Proposals deadline (January 1, 2012) has passed - thank you for your interest!

论文摘要入围通知日期: 2012年1月15日
请将您的完整版论文以Word和pdf 两种形式于2012年3月15日前发送至。请务必包括如下内容:(1) 英文姓名 (2) 中文姓名 (3) 电子邮箱 (4) 所属院校 (5) 参会身份 (是否为论文报告人) (6) 论文摘要 (7) 已提交的摘要或论文题目。论文格式要求将于2011年12月1日在会议网站发布。



  • 结合移动技术与日常听说读写以及文化教学
  • 云计算在汉语教学中的应用
  • 汉语计算语言学、描写语言学研究在语言教学中的应用
  • 由技术推动的汉语描写语言学研究在中文教学的应用
  • 汉语学习者的语料与数据库
  • 数码时代汉语教学从理论研究到各种新方向
  • 跨文化交际与电脑为媒介的交流
  • 基于技术的中文教学的重要性、技术运用、评估、学习工具、课程设计与开发
  • 虚拟课堂
  • 课堂教学与虚拟教学的混合型课程
  • 远程教学
  • 语言的网络测试
  • 数码教学资料开发
  • 多媒体教学与第二语言习得
  • 电脑辅助语言学习研究
  • 由技术增强的汉语教学的其它相关课题


If you have additional questions about the abstract submission & selection process, click here.

For a PDF version of the extended Call for Papers (English & Chinese), click here.