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Abtahian, Maya Ravindranath; Quinn, Conor McDonough Language shift and linguistic insecurity
Adelaar, Alexander Reviving Siraya: A Case for Language Engineering
Afitska, Oksana Review of Transana 2.30
Agostinho, Ana Lívia; Araujo, Gabriel Antunes de Playing with Language: Three Language Games in the Gulf of Guinea
Albarillo, Emily E.; Thieberger, Nick Kaipuleohone, the University of Hawai’i’s Ethnographic Archive
Albright, Eric; Hatton, John Chapter 10. WeSay, a Tool for Engaging Communities in Dictionary Building
Amery, Rob Phoenix or Relic? Documentation of Languages with Revitalization in Mind
Amery, Rob Reclaiming the Kaurna language: a long and lasting collaboration in an urban setting
Anderson, Victoria B. Static Palatography for Language Fieldwork
Annamalai, E. 1. Death by other means: Neo-vernacularization of South Asian languages
Anonby, Stan; Eberhard, David M. A tale of two worlds: A comparative study of language ecologies in Asia and the Americas
Ansaldo, Umberto; Lim, Lisa 5.The lifecycle of Sri Lanka Malay
Arka, I Wayan Language Management and Minority Language Maintenance in (Eastern) Indonesia: Strategic Issues
Arka, I Wayan Chapter 5. Local Autonomy, Local Capacity Building and Support for Minority Languages: Field Experiences from Indonesia
Arka, I Wayan Projecting morphology and agreement in Marori, an isolate of Southern New Guinea
Austin, Peter K. Chapter 3. Training for Language Documentation: Experiences at the School of Oriental and African Studies
Bah, Oumar Review of Matapuna dictionary writing system
Baldwin, Daryl; Costa, David J.; Troy, Douglas Myaamiaataweenki eekincikoonihkiinki eeyoonki aapisaataweenki: A Miami Language Digital Tool for Language Reclamation
Baraby, Anne-Marie Reference grammars for speakers of minority languages
Bartelson, Emily Book Notice: Naman: A Vanishing Language of Malakula (Vanuatu)
Barth, Danielle; Evans, Nicholas SCOPIC Design and Overview
Barth, Danielle; Evans, Nicholas Social Cognition Parallax Interview Corpus (SCOPIC)
Barwick, Linda Review of Transcribe!
Barwick, Linda; Thieberger, Nicholas Keeping records of language diversity in Melanesia: The Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC)
Beale, Stephen Documenting Endangered Languages with Linguist’s Assistant
Beck, David; Shannon, Paul SLEXIL: User-centred software for community language documentation
Beck, Simone A Sociolinguistic Assessment of the Roshani Speech Variety in Afghanistan
Belew, Anna Discourses of speakerhood in Iyasa: Linguistic identity and authenticity in an endangered language
Bender, Emily M.; Ghodke, Sumukh; Baldwin, Timothy; Dridan, Rebecca From Database to Treebank: On Enhancing Hypertext Grammars with Grammar Engineering and Treebank Search
Berez, Andrea L. Review of EUDICO Linguistic Annotator (ELAN)
Berez, Andrea L.; Mulder, Jean; Rosenblum, Daisy Fieldwork and Linguistic Analysis in Indigenous Languages of the Americas
Berez, Andrea L.; Mulder, Jean; Rosenblum, Daisy Acknowledgments
Berez, Andrea; Finnesand, Taña; Linnell, Karen C’ek’aedi Hwnax, the Ahtna Regional Linguistic and Ethnographic Archive
Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L.; Handley, Noella; Rentz, Bradley; Yoshioka, Jim; Anderson, Victoria; McDonnell, Bradley Supporting small languages together: The history and impact of the International Conference on Language Documentation & Conservation series
Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L.; Miller, Lucia Review of The Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Solega: A Linguistic Perspective
Bettinson, Mat; Bird, Steven Collaborative Fieldwork with Custom Mobile Apps
Beyer, Daniela; Beck, Simone A Linguistic Assessment of the Munji Language in Afghanistan
Bibiko, Hans-Jörg Visualization and online presentation of linguistic data
Bickford, J. Albert Review of the Marshallese-English Online Dictionary
Biers, Kelly; Osterhaus, Ellen Notes from the Field: Wisconsin Walloon Documentation and Orthography
Bird, Sonya; Claxton, Rae Anne; Percival, Maida Seeing Speech: Using Praat to Visualize Hul’q’umi’num’ Sounds
Bird, Steven; Chiang, David; Frowein, Friedel; Berez, Andrea L.; Eby, Mark; Hanke, Florian; Shelby, Ryan; Vaswani, Ashish; Wan, Ada The International Workshop on Language Preservation: An Experiment in Text Collection and Language Technology
Bird, Steven; Chiang, David; Frowein, Friedel; Hanke, Florian; Vaswani, Ashish Documentary Linguistics and Computational Linguistics: A response to Brooks
Bird, Steven; Lee, Haejoong Computational support for early elicitation and classification of tone
Black, Cheryl A.; Black, H. Andrew Grammars for the people, by the people, made easier using PAWS and XlingPaper
Blench, Roger Final Records of the Sambe Language of Central Nigeria: Phonology, noun morphology, and wordlist
Blevins, Juliette Endangered Sound Patterns: Three Perspectives on Theory and Description
Bliss, Heather; Bird, Sonya; Cooper, PEPAḴIYE Ashley; Burton, Strang; Gick, Bryan Seeing Speech: Ultrasound-based Multimedia Resources for Pronunciation Learning in Indigenous Languages
Bodt, Timotheus A. An integrated FLEx–ELAN workflow for linguistic analysis with multiple transcriptions and translations and multiple participants
Boerger, Brenda To BOLDly Go Where No One Has Gone Before
Boerger, Brenda H. Natqgu Literacy: Capturing Three Domains for Written Language Use
Boerger, Brenda H.; Stutzman, Verna Single-event Rapid Word Collection workshops: Efficient, effective, empowering
Boltokova, Daria; Kantarovich, Jessica; Grenoble, Lenore; Pupynina, Maria Knowing and remembering: Rethinking lexical recall as a measure of proficiency in endangered language communities
Borgia, Melissa Elayne Using Gesture to Teach Seneca in a Language Nest School
Bouda, Peter; Helmbrecht, Johannes From corpus to grammar: how DOBES corpora can be exploited for descriptive linguistics
Boudreault, Lynda Chapter 10. Revisiting the source: Dependent verbs in Sierra Popoluca (Mixe-Zoquean)
Bourget, Nicolle Case Study: An Evaluation of Information and Communication Technology Use in Upriver Halq’eméylem Language Programs
Bow, Catherine; Christie, Michael; Devlin, Brian Developing a Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages
Bowern, Claire Review of TshwaneLex Dictionary Compilation Software
Bowern, Claire Review of Handbook of Descriptive Linguistic Fieldwork
Bowern, Claire Chirila: Contemporary and Historical Resources for the Indigenous Languages of Australia
Bowern, Claire; Warner, Natasha ‘Lone Wolves’ and Collaboration: A Reply to Crippen & Robinson (2013)
Bracknell, Clint; Budrikis, Amy; Yibiyung Winmar, Roma Maya-kwobabiny: Re-embedding language at Kepa Kurl, Western Australia
Bradshaw, Joel Review of English on the Bonin (Ogasawara) Islands
Brandt, Carmen 4. Script as a potential demarcator and stabilizer of languages in South Asia
Bras, Myriam; Vergez-Couret, Marianne BaTelÒc: A text base for the Occitan language
Brooks, Joseph D. On Training in Language Documentation and Capacity Building in Papua New Guinea: A Response to Bird et al.
Brotchie, Amanda Review of Audiamus 2.3
Brunelle, Marc Diglossia, Bilingualism, and the Revitalization of Written Eastern Cham
Buchan, Heather Review of Phon: Free Software for Phonological Transcription and Analysis
Burke, Mary; Zavalina, Oksana L.; Chelliah, Shobhana L.; Phillips, Mark E User needs in language archives: Findings from interviews with language archive managers, depositors, and end-users
Butler, Lynnika; van Volkinburg, Heather Review of Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx)
Caballero, Gabriela Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara) language description and documentation: a guide to the deposited collection and associated materials
Caballero, Gabriela; Carroll, Lucien; Mach, Kevin Accessing, managing, and mobilizing an ELAN-based language documentation corpus: the Kwaras and Namuti tools
Caldecott, Marion; Koch, Karsten Using Mixed Media Tools for Eliciting Discourse in Indigenous Languages
Cardoso, Hugo C. Foreword
Cardoso, Hugo C. Language Endangerment and Preservation in South Asia
Carew, Margaret; Green, Jennifer; Kral, Inge; Nordlinger, Rachel; Singer, Ruth Getting in Touch: Language and Digital Inclusion in Australian Indigenous Communities
Cenerini, Chantale; Junker, Marie-Odile; Rosen, Nicole Mapping Dialectal Variation Using the Algonquian Linguistic Atlas
Chase, Bridget; Borland, Kyra Networks of support: How online resources are built, maintained, and adapted for community language revitalization needs at FirstVoices
Chelliah, Shobhana; Meernik, James; King, Kimi Linguistics and Political Science: A Strategy for Interdisciplinary and Ethical Research Methodology on Language Endangerment and Political Conflict
Chew, Kari A. B. #KeepOurLanguagesStrong: Indigenous Language Revitalization on Social Media during the Early COVID-19 Pandemic
Chew, Kari A.B.; Lokosh (Joshua D. Hinson); Morgan, Juliet Centering relationality in online Indigenous language learning: Reflecting on the creation and use of Rosetta Stone Chickasaw
Childs, G. Tucker Review of Repertoires and Choices in African Languages
Childs, Tucker; Good, Jeff; Alice, Mitchell Beyond the Ancestral Code: Towards a Model for Sociolinguistic Language Documentation
Chya, Dehrich; Fine, Julia An exploration of historical Alutiiq language texts
Clayton, Ian; Patton, Colleen; Carnie, Andrew; Hammond, Michael; Fisher, Muriel Developing an Audio-visual Corpus of Scottish Gaelic
Clynes, Adrian Dominant Language Transfer in Minority Language Documentation Projects: Some Examples from Brunei
Comstock, Bethany Kaleialohapau‘ole Chun; Kneubuhl, Hina Puamohala; Drager, Katie He nui na ala e hiki aku ai: Factors influencing phonetic variation in the Hawaiian word keia
Coupe, Alexander R. Strategies for analyzing tone languages
Crippen, James A.; Robinson, Laura C. In Defense of the Lone Wolf: Collaboration in Language Documentation
Cruz, Emiliana; Woodbury, Anthony C. Collaboration in the Context of Teaching, Scholarship, and Language Revitalization: Experience from the Chatino Language Documentation Project
Cruz, Emiliana; Woodbury, Anthony C. Finding a way into a family of tone languages: The story and methods of the Chatino Language Documentation Project
Czaykowska-Higgins, Ewa Research Models, Community Engagement, and Linguistic Fieldwork: Reflections on Working within Canadian Indigenous Communities
Czaykowska-Higgins, Ewa; Holmes, Martin D.; Kell, Sarah M. Using TEI for an Endangered Language Lexical Resource: The Nxa?amxcín Database-Dictionary Project
Dale, Merrion; Basumatary, Prafulla; Iqbal, Javid; Khullar, Rex; Shaikh, Maaz Case study of using Facebook groups to connect community users to archived CoRSAL content
Danos, David; Turin, Mark Living Language, Resurgent Radio: A Survey of Indigenous Language Broadcasting Initiatives
De Cia, Simone The Conundrum of Friulian Language Vitality
Defina, Rebecca Review of Arbil: Free Tool for Creating, Editing, and Searching Metadata
Di Carlo, Pierpaolo Multilingualism, affiliation and spiritual insecurity. From phenomena to process in language documentation
Diettrich, Brian Review of Sustainable Futures for Music Cultures: An Ecological Perspective
Dimmendaal, Gerrit J. Language description and “the new paradigm”: What linguists may learn from ethnocinematographers
Dimock, Laura Review of FR-2LE Digital Audio Recorder
Ding, Picus Sizhi The Use of Perception Tests in Studying the Tonal System of Prinmi Dialects: A Speaker-centered Approach to Descriptive Linguistics
Dingemanse, Mark Review of Phonology Assistant 3.0.1
Dobrin, Lise M. Review of Language and poverty
Dobrin, Lise M.; Ross, Douglas The IATH ELAN Text-Sync Tool: A Simple System for Mobilizing ELAN Transcripts On- or Off-Line
Dobrin, Lise M.; Schwartz, Saul Collaboration or Participant Observation? Rethinking Models of ‘Linguistic Social Work’
Donaghy, Joseph Keola Puana ‘Ia me ka ‘Oko‘a: A Comparative Analysis of Hawaiian Language Pronunciation as Spoken and Sung
Donner, William W. Review of Takuu grammar and dictionary: A Polynesian language of the South Pacific
Drude, Sebastian Prospects for e-grammars and endangered languages corpora
Drude, Sebastian Digital Grammars — Integrating the Wiki/CMS approach with Language Archiving Technology and TEI
Dryer, Matthew S. Language names and nonlinguists: A response to Haspelmath
Dupris, Joseph maqlaqsyalank hemyeega: Goals and expectations of Klamath-Modoc revitalization
Early, Robert Review of A Grammar of South Efate: An Oceanic Language of Vanuatu
Elliott, A. Raymond A method comparison analysis examining the relationship between linguistic tone, melodic tune, and sung performances of children’s songs in Chicahuaxtla Triqui: Findings and implications for documentary linguistics and indigenous language communities
Elliott, A. Raymond; Sandoval Cruz, Fulgencio; Santiago Rojas, Felipe Notes from the Field: Chicahuaxtla Triqui Digital Wordlist and Preliminary Observations
Evans, Nicholas Review of Essentials of Language Documentation
Evans, Nicholas Even more diverse than we had thought: The multiplicity of Trans-Fly languages
Evans, Nicholas; Klamer, Marian Introduction: Linguistic challenges of the Papuan region
Everett, Caleb Locus Equation Analysis as a Tool for Linguistic Fieldwork
Exter, Mats Realis’ and ‘irrealis’ in Wogeo: A valid category?
Farrar, Scott Review of TypeCraft
Fedorchak, Rachel; Kamenitsa-Hale, Vade; Lockwood, Hunter Thompson; Macaulay, Monica Strategies for lexical expansion in Algonquian languages
Feeling, Durbin; Armer, Christine; Foster, Charles; Berardo, Marcellino; O’Neill, Sean Why Revisit Published Data of an Endangered Language with Native Speakers? An Illustration from Cherokee
Fenton, Donna Chapter 6. Multiple Functions, multiple techniques: The role of methodology in a study of Zapotec determiners
Ferreira, José Pedro; Chesi, Cristiano; Baldewijns, Daan; Braga, Daniela; Dias, Miguel; Correia, Margarita The first Mirandese text-to-speech system 
Ferreira, Vera New speakers of Minderico: Dynamics and tensions in the revitalization process
Ferreira, Vera; Peter Bouda Foreword
Ferreira, Vera; Peter Bouda Language Documentation and Conservation in Europe (whole volume)
Fitzgerald, Colleen M. Motivating the documentation of the verbal arts: Arguments from theory and practice
Fitzgerald, Colleen M.; Hinson, Joshua D. Collecting Texts in Endangered Languages: The Chickasaw Narrative Bootcamp
Fitzgerald, Colleen M.; Linn, Mary S. Training Communities, Training Graduate Students: The 2012 Oklahoma Breath of Life Workshop
Florey, Margaret Chapter 1. Introduction: Documenting and Revitalizing Austronesian Languages
Fox, Sue Review of An Introduction to Contact Linguistics
Franchetto, Bruna; Rice, Keren Language Documentation in the Americas
Francis, Norbert; Gómez, Pablo Rogelio Navarrete Documentation and Language Learning: Separate Agendas or Complementary Tasks?
Franjieh, Michael The languages of northern Ambrym, Vanuatu: A guide to the deposited materials in ELAR
Frank, Michael Cross-cultural differences in representations and routines for exact number
Frye, Henrike; Balar, Shirley; Si, Aung Experiences with remote linguistic-ethnobiological fieldwork on bird names in the Qaqet language of Papua New Guinea
Gabber, Shirley; Vondiziano, Greg Zooming through Field Methods: Teaching language documentation remotely
Gao, Katie B. Assessing the Linguistic Vitality of Miqie: An Endangered Ngwi (Loloish) Language of Yunnan, China
Garde, Murray Review of InqScribe
Gawne, Lauren A Guide to the Syuba (Kagate) Language Documentation Corpus
Gawne, Lauren; Kelly, Barbara F.; Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L.; Heston, Tyler Putting practice into words: The state of data and methods transparency in grammatical descriptions
Gawne, Lauren; Ring, Hiram Mapmaking for Language Documentation and Description
Genee, Inge; Junker, Marie-Odile The Blackfoot Language Resources and Digital Dictionary project: Creating integrated web resources for language documentation and revitalization
Genetti, Carol Walking the line: Balancing description, argumentation and theory in academic grammar writing
Giacon, John Linguists and language rebuilding: recent experience in two New South Wales languages
Gibson, Robert E. Review of Kerresel a klechibelau: Tekoi er a Belau me a omesodel: Palauan language lexicon
Gildea, Spike; Hoff, B.J.; Meira, Sérgio Chapter 5. The story of *ô in the Cariban Family
Gippert, Jost Language-specific encoding in endangered language corpora
Glenn, Akiemi Five Dimensions of Collaboration: Toward a Critical Theory of Coordination and Interoperability in Language Documentation
González Pérez, Manuel David Enhancing data collection through linguistic competence in a field language: Perspectives from rural China
Gómez de García, Jule; Axelrod, Melissa; Luz García, María Chapter 2. Sociopragmatic influences on the development and use of the discourse marker vet in Ixil Maya
Good, Jeff Deconstructing descriptive grammars
Good, Jeff; Cysouw, Michael Languoid, Doculect, and Glossonym: Formalizing the Notion ‘Language’
Gooskens, Charlotte; Schneider, Cindy Testing mutual intelligibility between closely related languages in an oral society
Green, Jennifer; Hodge, Gabrielle; Kelly, Barbara F. Two decades of sign language and gesture research in Australia: 2000–2020
Green,Jennifer; Jorgensen, Eleanor Same, similar, or different: Lexical overlap across Australian Indigenous signed languages
Griscom, Richard T. Supporting linguistic data collection from afar: A mobile metadata system
Grimes, Joseph E. Review of The Tailenders
Grzech, Karolina; Tisalema Shaca, Selena Building trust on Zoom: A workflow for language documentation via videoconferencing software
Guérin, Valérie Writing an Endangered Language
Guérin, Valérie; Lacrampe, Sébastien Review of LexiquePro
Guérin, Valérie; Lacrampe, Sébastien Trust Me, I am a Linguist! Building Partnership in the Field
Gullberg, Marianne Bilingual multimodality in language documentation data
Gulle, Ozan Kormakiti Arabic: A study of language decay and language death
Hall, Jaeci Nel Methodological problems in reclaiming Nuu-wee-ya’ from archival materials: The case of verbal prefix semantics
Hammarström, Harald The status of the least documented language families in the world
Hammarström, Harald; Castermans, Thom; Forkel, Robert; Verbeek, Kevin; Westenberg, Michel A.; Speckmann, Bettina Simultaneous Visualization of Language Endangerment and Language Description
Hammarström, Harald; Nordhoff, Sebastian The languages of Melanesia: Quantifying the level of coverage
Hammond, Jeremy Review of JVC GY-HM100U HD video camera and FFmpeg libraries
Harmon, David Review of Dying words: Endangered languages and what they have to tell us
Harmon, David; Loh, Jonathan The index of linguistic diversity: A new quantitative measure of trends in the status of the world’s languages
Haspelmath, Martin Some principles for language names
Hauk, Bryn Review of Creating orthographies for endangered languages
Heaton, Raina; Xoyón, Igor An assessment of linguistic development in a Kaqchikel immersion school
Hellwig, Birgit; Jung, Dagmar Child-directed language – and how it informs the documentation and description of the adult language
Henderson, Brent; Rohloff, Peter; Henderson, Robert More than Words: Towards a Development-Based Approach to Language Revitalization
Henderson, John Capturing Chaos: Rendering Handwritten Language Documents
Henke, Ryan; Berez-Kroeker, Andrea L. A Brief History of Archiving in Language Documentation, with an Annotated Bibliography
Herrick, Dylan; Berardo, Marcellino; Feeling, Durbin; Hirata-Edds, Tracy; Peter, Lizette Collaborative Documentation and Revitalization of Cherokee Tone
Heston, Tyler Review of The Last Speakers: The quest to save the world’s most endangered languages
Heston, Tyler M. Review of Ukelele
Hieber, Daniel W. Review of Endangered languages and new technologies
Hildebrandt, Kristine; Burge-Buckley, Tanner; Sebok, Jacob Language documentation in the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquakes: A guide to two archives and a web exhibit
Hildebrandt, Kristine A.; Hu, Shunfu Areal analysis of language attitudes and practices: A case study from Nepal
Hildebrandt, Kristine A.; Jany, Carmen; Silva, Wilson Introduction: Documenting variation in endangered languages
Hill, Clair Review of Wunderkammer Import Package: A Tool for the Display of Multimedia Dictionaries on Mobile Phones
Hill, Deborah One Community’s Post-Conflict Response to a Dictionary Project
Himmelmann, Nikolaus P. Linguistic Data Types and the Interface between Language Documentation and Description
Himmelmann, Nikolaus P.; Ladd, D. Robert Prosodic Description: An Introduction for Fieldworkers
Hirata-Edds, Tracy; Herrick, Dylan Building Tone Resources for Second Language Learners from Phonetic Documentation: Cherokee Examples
Hoenigman, Darja From mountain talk to hidden talk: Continuity and change in Awiakay registers
Hoenigman, Darja Talking about strings: The language of string figure-making in a Sepik society in Papua New Guinea
Holton, Gary Relatively Ethical: A Comparison of Linguistic Research Paradigms in Alaska and Indonesia
Holton, Gary “Unknown Unknowns” and the Retrieval Problem in Language Documentation and Archiving.
Holton, Gary Language archives: They’re not just for linguists any more
Honeyman, Tom; Robinson, Laura C. Solar Power for the Digital Fieldworker
Hornsby, Michael Lemko linguistic identity: Contested pluralities
Hsieh, Fuhui; Huang, Shuanfan Chapter 6. Documenting and Revitalizing Kavalan
Hudu, Fusheini Angulu The Utility of Orthographic Design for Different Users: The Case of the Approved Dagbani Orthography
Hyman, Larry How To Study a Tone Language
Hyslop, Gwendolyn Between Stress and Tone: Acoustic Evidence of Word Prominence in Kurtöp
Hyslop, Gwendolyn Worlds of knowledge in Central Bhutan: Documentation of ’Olekha
Ingham, Bruce Review of Lakota Grammar Handbook : a pedagogically orientated self-study reference and practice book for beginner to upper-intermediate students
Jaker, Alessandro Chapter 9. Be careful what you throw out: Gemination and tonal feet in Weledeh Dogrib
Jany, Carmen Orthography design for Chuxnabán Mixe
Johnson, Lisa M.; Di Paolo, Marianna; Bell, Adrian Forced Alignment for Understudied Language Varieties: Testing Prosodylab-Aligner with Tongan Data
Johnson, Michele K. ya??tmín cqw?lqwilt nixw, ul nixw, ul nixw, I need to speak more, and more, and more: Okanagan-Colville (Interior Salish) Indigenous second-language learners share our filmed narratives
Johnson, S?ímla?xw Michele K. Ax toowú át wudikeen, my spirit soars: Tlingit direct acquisition and co-learning pilot project
Jones, Caroline; German, Amit Review of F4transkript, a simple interface for efficient annotation
Jones, Caroline; Li, Weicong; Almeida, Andre; German, Amit Evaluating cross-linguistic forced alignment of conversational data in north Australian Kriol, an under-resourced language
Kalish, Mia Review of Fontographer
Kaufman, Daniel; Finkel, Raphael Kratylos: A tool for sharing interlinearized and lexical data in diverse formats
Kell, Jodie; Booker, Lauren Working with ‘Women Only’: Gendered protocols in the digitization and archiving process
Khanina, Olesya Documenting a language with phonemic and phonetic variation: the case of Enets
Khokhlova, Liudmila V. 2. Majority language death
Kirschenbaum, Amit; Wittenburg, Peter; Heyer, Gerhard Unsupervised morphological analysis of small corpora: First experiments with Kilivila
Kiseliunaite, Dalia The sociolinguistic evaluation and recording of the dying Kursenieku language
Klamer, Marian Tours of the past through the present of eastern Indonesia
Klamer, Marian Papuan-Austronesian language contact: Alorese from an areal perspective
Klamer, Marian; Moro, Francesca R. What is “natural” speech? Comparing free narratives and Frog stories in Indonesia
Kluge, Angela The Gbe Language Continuum of West Africa: A Synchronic Typological Approach to Prioritizing In-depth Sociolinguistic Research on Literature Extensibility
Kluge, Angela; Choi, Jeong-Ho Bonggi language vitality and local interest in language-related efforts: A participatory sociolinguistic study
Ko, Edwin Shifting teacher/learner roles in language reclamation efforts relying on digital technology
Konoshenko, Maria Studying Tonal Complexity, with a special reference to Mande languages
Konoshenko, Maria Review of Tone in Yongning Na: Lexical tones and morphotonology (Studies in Diversity Linguistics 13)
Kotcheva, Kristina Review of LEXUS
Kroskrity, Paul V. Designing a Dictionary for an Endangered Language Community: Lexicographical Deliberations, Language Ideological Clarifications
Lahe-Deklin, Francesca; Si, Aung Ex-situ Documentation of Ethnobiology
Lane, Chris Contrasting statistical indicators of Māori language revitalization: Conversational ability, speaking proficiency, and first language
Leben, William R. Review of A Hausa-English Dictionary
Lee, Catherine; Rentz, Bradley Language Documentation & Conservation 2014 Annual Report
Lee, Nala H. Contact languages around the world and their levels of endangerment
Lee, Nala Huiying Review of Shure WH30XLR cardioid headset microphone and Countryman E6 omnidirectional earset microphone
Leonard, Wesley Review of Re-awakening languages: Theory and practice in the revitalisation of Australia’s Indigenous languages
Leonard, Wesley Y.; Haynes, Erin Making “collaboration” collaborative: An examination of perspectives that frame linguistic field research
Lesho, Marivic; Sippola, Eeva The Sociolinguistic Situation of the Manila Bay Chabacano-Speaking Communities
Lhawa, Yulha Language revitalization, video, and mobile social media: A case study from the Khroskyabs language amongst Tibetans in China
Lillehaugen, Brook Danielle Why write in a language that (almost) no one can read? Twitter and the development of written literature
Lillehaugen, Brook Danielle ¿Por qué escribir en una lengua que (casi) nadie puede leer? Twitter y el desarrollo de literatura escrita
Lin, Yih-Ren; Icyeh, Lahwy; Kuan (Daya), Da-Wei Chapter 8. Indigenous Language–informed Participatory Policy in Taiwan: A Socio-political Perspective
Lindstrom, Lamont Bislama into Kwamera: Code-mixing and Language Change on Tanna (Vanuatu)
Little, Carol-Rose; Wysote, Travis; McClay, Elise; Coon, Jessica Language Research and Revitalization Through a Community-University Partnership: The Mi’gmaq Research Partnership
Lobel, Jason William Notes from the Field: Ponosakan: The Sounds of a Silently Dying Language of Indonesia, with Supporting Audio
Lobel, Jason William; Alpay, Amy Jugueta; Barreno, Rosie Susutin; Barreno, Emelinda Jugueta Notes from the Field: Inagta Alabat: A moribund Philippine language, with supporting audio
Lobel, Jason William; Paputungan, Ade Tatak Notes from the field: Another moribund language of Indonesia, with supporting audio
Lobel, Jason William; Surbano, Orlando Vertudez Notes from the Field: Remontado (Hatang-Kayi): A Moribund Language of the Philippines
Lobel, Jason William; Riwarung, Labi Hadji Sarip Maranao: A preliminary phonological sketch with supporting audio
Lovick, Olga Charlotte Chapter 8. Studying Dena’ina discourse markers: Evidence from elicitation and narrative
Lowery, Kirk E. Review of Emdros: The Database Engine for Analyzed or Annotated Text
Lüdeling, Anke A corpus linguistics perspective on language documentation, data, and challenge of small corpora
Lüpke, Friederike Pure fiction – the interplay of indexical and essentialist language ideologies and heterogeneous practices. A view from Agnack
Lyall, Andrea; Nelson, Harry; Rosenblum, Daisy; Turin, Mark Ḵ̓a̱ḵ̓otł̓atła̱no’x̱w x̱a ḵ̓waḵ̓wax̱’mas: Documenting and reclaiming plant names and words in Kwak̓wala on Canada’s west coast
Lynch, John Review of A dictionary of Kalam with ethnographic notes
Mansfield, John; Stanford, James Documenting sociolinguistic variation in lesser-studied indigenous communities: Challenges and practical solutions
Margetts, Andrew Using Toolbox with Media Files
Margetts, Anna Data Processing and its Impact on Linguistic Analysis
Marten, Lutz; Petzell, Malin Linguistic variation and the dynamics of language documentation: Editing in ‘pure’ Kagulu
Martínez Corripio, Israel; Maldonado, Ricardo Chapter 7. Middles and reflexives in Yucatec Maya: Trusting speaker intuition
Martinez, Michal Temkin Using the Livescribe Echo Smartpen for Language Documentation
Maxwell, Mike Electronic Grammars and Reproducible Research
Mazaudon, Martine Studying emergent tone-systems in Nepal: Pitch, phonation and word-tone in Tamang
Mazzitelli, Lidia Federica Documentation of Lakurumau: Making the case for one more language in Papua New Guinea
McElvenny, James Review of Kirrkirr
McGraw, Rachel Interpreting language use in Ozelonacaxtla, Puebla, Mexico
Meakins, Felicity Review of Computerized Language Analysis (CLAN)
Meakins, Felicity Review of Final Cut Pro
Meißner, Cordula; Slavcheva, Adriana Review of EXMARaLDA
Messineo, Cristina Fieldwork and Documentation of Speech Genres in Indigenous Communities of Gran Chaco: Theoretical and Methodological Issues
Michailovsky, Boyd; Mazaudon, Martine; Michaud, Alexis; Guillaume, Séverine; François, Alexandre; Adamou, Evangelia Documenting and Researching Endangered Languages: The Pangloss Collection
Michaud, Alexis Review of Activating the heart: Storytelling, knowledge sharing and relationship
Michaud, Alexis; Adams, Oliver; Cohn, Trevor Anthony; Neubig, Graham; Guillaume, Séverine Integrating Automatic Transcription into the Language Documentation Workflow: Experiments with Na Data and the Persephone Toolkit
Mihas, Elena I. Subcontracting Native Speakers in Linguistic Fieldwork: A Case Study of the Ashéninka Perené (Arawak) Research Community from the Peruvian Amazon
Mihas, Elena; Loomis, Jeffrey J. Review of High Definition Video Camera HDC-HS 100P/PC and HD Writer 2.6E High Definition Image Management/Easy Editing Software
Mithun, Marianne Foreword
Mithun, Marianne The data and the examples: Comprehensiveness, accuracy, and sensitivity
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