SP12: The Social Cognition Parallax Interview Corpus (SCOPIC)

Edited by Danielle Barth and Nicholas Evans
ISBN 0-9973295-1-3

The Social Cognition Parallax Interview Corpus (SCOPIC) provides naturalistic but cross-linguistically-matched corpus data with enriched annotations of grammatical categories relevant to social cognition. By ‘parallax corpus’ we mean ‘broadly comparable formulations resulting from a comparable task’, to avoid the implications of ‘parallel corpus’ that there will be exact semantic equivalence across languages. The problem with that, from a semantic typologist’s point of view, is that it can only be achieved by privileging the semantic structure of the source language in the translations, and that it prevents us from studying the fundamental question of how languages – or the formulation practices of language communities – bias the expression of particular categories in language-specific ways. This volume will grow incrementally with new chapters added in coming years.


Front Matter

SCOPIC Design and Overview. Danielle Barth and Nicholas Evans, p. 1-21

Social Cognition in Dalabon. Nicholas Evans, p. 22-84

Auslan and Matukar Panau: A modality-agnostic look at quotatives. Gabrielle Hodge, Danielle Barth, & Lauren W Reed, p. 85-125

The Social Cognition Parallax Interview Corpus (SCOPIC) (Whole volume)