SP06: Microphone in the Mud

front cover
University of Hawai‘i Press
ISBN 978-0-9856211-3-1 (2013)


LD&C Special Publication No. 6
By Laura Robinson (with Gary Robinson)




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Microphone in the Mud

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In this account of actual fieldwork, a young woman battles armed terrorists, a kidnapper, malaria, a tsunami, and dial-up Internet as she documents the endangered languages of hunter-gatherers in the jungles of the Philippines.

Laura C. Robinson’s research interests include documentation of endangered languages and reconstructing linguistic prehistory. In addition to conducting linguistic fieldwork in the northern Philippines and eastern Indonesia, she has also written a grammar of Dupaningan Agta, spoken in the northern Philippines. She is currently working on reconstructing the linguistic prehistory of the languages of the Alor archipelago in eastern Indonesia.