Reflections & Research

While carrying out and following up on your online intercultural exchange Café project, you can further improve your design and your instructional strategies by engaging in reflective practice and sharing research results obtained from the exchange. Here are some ideas to help you do that.

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Classroom-Based Action Research— PowerPoint presentation

Dorothy Chun’s PowerPoint presentation guiding discussion of what to consider when planning to research the process and outcomes of online exchanges one has designed: Why do research? How to generate research questions? Use quantitative or qualitative methods? Plus tips on research methodology.

Engaging in reflective practice and sharing research results — Word document

Dorothy Chun’s handout of questions to consider regarding research and reflection. Designed to accompany the preceding PowerPoint presentation.


Dorothy Chun of the University of California, Santa Barbara, discusses the advantage that an online forum-based exchange provides for a teacher wishing to do action research.