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In order to achieve the goals you have outlined for your exchange, you need a set of detailed content and sequences of activities/tasks. You also need to determine the role of language learning in your exchange, and decide on the appropriate choice of technology and use of media. The following material may guide you as you begin designing your activities.

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Content/tasks/sequence/media for online intercultural exchanges — PowerPoint presentation

Gilberte Furstenberg’s PowerPoint presentation on choosing content, designing and sequencing tasks, and choosing media for online intercultural exchanges.
NOTE: On the following slides of the above PowerPoint there are links to other files:
• slide #11 links to the Word file CT03Furstenberg.doc
• slide #12 links to the Word file CT04Furstenberg.doc
• slide #21 links to the PDF CT05Furstenberg.pdf


Gilberte Furstenberg of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, creator of Cultura, discusses how workshop participants at the University of Hawaii embarked on a process of adapting Cultura for individual Café exchange projects.