The UNIS/NYC guide for newbies by Ricardo Calderón

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Language learners will investigate the challenges local/foreign families and students face when moving to New York city. They will collaborate with our school’s Admissions Office and Counselors' office as well as the community at large in order to engage in real collaboration of how to start a blog with information needed to welcome and advise newbies what this mega city has to offer depending on their needs and likes. They will also develop the skills necessary to manage themselves within a business environment where they will be in contact with the authorities  who possess decision-making power to address NYC’s tourism as well as the local Chamber of Commerce and their partnerships with foreign offices. Moreover, my language learners will closely collaborate with new Spanish-speaking families that will or have been posted to work in NYC who may find themselves overwhelmed or not knowing who to reach out to find places to eat, where to buy, and/or age appropriate places for new students to hang out and/or make new acquaintances or friends outside of the school setting. The real-world meaningful purpose for addressing this so common setting is to gain great insights to a more inclusive work-life balance in this megapolis.

National Foreign Language Resource Center
Nov. 1, 2017

Language: Spanish

Subject Area(s): travel, values, visual arts, architecture, beauty, communities, creativity, design, economy, education, emigration/immigration, entertainment, ethics, ethnic identity, family, fashion, food, friendship, geography, global challenges, health, heroes, history, language and literature, lifestyles, national identity, nature, philosophy, psychology, restaurant, science, social networks, society, sustainability, technology, the environment, theater, traditions, translation

Instructional Context

Audience Location:
New York City

Audience Role:
Online participation on blog posts

Product Description:
The outcome of the project will be an active blog with ongoing conversations and FAQs for future and recent relocated families/students to better adjust and integrate themselves quicker or at their pace. This blog will be shared with those families relocating here as well as serve as guest bloggers through the internet and social media to fulfill the emptiness and sometimes uncertainty or lack of exploration/adventure as to where to look for things to do, see, and eat.

Product Target Culture:
Spanish-speaking families

Heritage Learners:

Target Audience Description:
The target audience are the new incoming Spanish-speaking families who are relocating to New York city for the first time. These families are government-sponsored (or not) who come to New York to work for the United Nations.

Language Proficiency

ILR Scale Speaking:
4 3

ILR Scale Reading:

ILR Scale Listening:
4 3 2

ACTFL Scale:

ILR Scale Speaking:

ACTFL Scale:

ILR Scale Reading:

ILR Scale Writing:
2 3 4

ACTFL Scale:

ILR Scale Reading:

ACTFL Scale:

World Readiness Standards

Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives
Making Connections

Cultural comparisons

Lifelong Learning
School and Global

Relating Cultural Products to Perspectives
Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives


21st Century Skills

Life and Career Skills
Flexibility and adaptability

Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Technology Literacy
Media Literacy
Information Literacy
Creativity and Innovation

Life and Career Skills
Leadership and responsibility
Productivity and Accountability
Social and Cross Cultural Skills
Initiative and Self-Direction

Interdisciplinary Themes
Global Awareness
Health Literacy
Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy

Project Sequence Overview

Preparing for the Project

1. City awareness - Learners will investigate the challenges families and students face when moving abroad as an expat which may possess the same/different culture and/or languages. more detail

2. Exploring blogs - Language learners will explore, discuss and reflect on how blogs and sites are visually appealing and resourceful to those in need of city guidance. more detail

3. Driving Question - A sentence that summarizes this task. more detail

4. Tech Resources - These are some of the online resources that students will use to complete their tasks. more detail

Launching the Project

1. Sustained-inquiry - A sentence that summarizes this task. more detail

Managing the Project

1. Netiquette - The protocol needed to be followed when using social media and being present online. more detail

2. Cultural activities - A sentence that summarizes this task. more detail

3. Within the school setting - How school welcomes new incoming students and their families. more detail


1. Presentation Speaking rubric - This is the rubric used to assess their speaking performance/proficiency. more detail

2. Feedback - Presentational/Interpersonal Writing tasks more detail

3. Career Pathways - These are the learning outcomes based on their career pathways. more detail

4. Culminating project - This is the end goal more detail