Study Abroad in China: Are you Ready? by Zhang Jie

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Most of our students in the Chinese program at the University of Oklahoma study abroad in a Chinese university during their second, third, or fourth years. While study abroad is often an exciting experience for students, it could cause apprehension and uncertainty especially before departure. There are several factors to this. For one, Chinese college life is quite different from that in America. For the other, there are many cultural differences, academic challenges, and life adjustments that students need to face while studying abroad. The purpose of this project is to have students survey and research about study abroad experiences and develop a brochere for future study abroad students so they can be better prepared for this exciting experience. Students are motivated to work on the project because many of them have studied abroad or will study abroad soon. The project is a meaningful one because it has the students in the Chinese program as the real audience.  

National Foreign Language Resource Center
Oct. 29, 2017
Jie Zhang

Language: Chinese

Subject Area(s): education, travel

Instructional Context

Product Target Culture:

Heritage Learners:

Target Audience Description:
The target audience of this project are students in the Chinese program at the University of Oklahoma who have not studied abroad but are considering going.

Audience Location:
University of Oklahoma

Audience Role:
The audience will read the electronic brochure and ask questions.

Product Description:
The product will be an electronic brochure in the form of a Google Site.

Language Proficiency

ILR Scale Reading:
1 2

ILR Scale Listening:
1 2

ILR Scale Speaking:
1 2

ILR Scale Writing:
1 2

ACTFL Scale:
4 5 6

World Readiness Standards

Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives

Relating Cultural Products to Perspectives
Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives


Cultural comparisons

School and Global

Making Connections

21st Century Skills

Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Media Literacy

Interdisciplinary Themes
Global Awareness

Life and Career Skills
Social and Cross Cultural Skills

Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Information Literacy

Life and Career Skills
Productivity and Accountability
Flexibility and adaptability

Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Creativity and Innovation

Life and Career Skills
Initiative and Self-Direction

Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Technology Literacy

Project Sequence Overview

Preparing for the Project

1. College life in China - This is the entry event to the project, in which the students read a comic book about college life in China written by a Chinese college student. more detail

Launching the Project

1. Interview - Interview students who have studied abroad in China more detail

2. Online Research - Research as a group on information about foreigners’ study abroad experience in China and resources in China. more detail

3. Design Group Webpage - Design a group webpage that introduces the resources and tips for study abroad. more detail

4. Presentation Day - A sentence that summarizes this task. more detail

Managing the Project

1. Team Distribution Form - A sentence that summarizes this task. more detail

2. Team Composition - Grouping students into teams more detail


1. Project Rubrics - A sentence that summarizes this task. more detail