#ICARE by Romina Castagno

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A real-world problem nowadays is bullying and discrimination inside and outside classrooms where students hurt themselves physically and emotionally. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness of how discrimination may exclude students and affect future inclusion into the society and to also reduce any type of discrimination among children and in society by accepting and helping each other. We can all contribute to a more communicative and friendly society by learning correct manners and expressions that we need to address ourselves to others.

National Foreign Language Resource Center
Dec. 8, 2018
Teachers, parents, school staff, and other students

Language: English

Subject Area(s): language and literature, friendship, family, values, education, the environment, technology, society, psychology, lifestyles

Instructional Context

Product Target Culture:
Spanish speakers in the United States

Audience Location:
A language center in the USA

Heritage Learners:

Target Audience Description:
This project is aimed at 9-14 years old low-intermediate Spanish students learning English in a language center in the USA.

Product Description:
ESL students will create and edit a video which shows how they have contributed to the world with good actions.

Audience Role:
The audience role is to be able to lower down the level of bullying and social marginalization. Students sometimes experience discrimination and exclusion problems. Therefore, learners will aim to get a more friendly and better world.

Language Proficiency

ILR Scale Writing:

ILR Scale Reading:

ILR Scale Listening:
1 2

ILR Scale Speaking:
1 2

ILR Scale Writing:

ILR Scale Reading:

World Readiness Standards

Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives

School and Global

Language comparisons
Cultural comparisons

Making Connections

Lifelong Learning

21st Century Skills

Life and Career Skills
Leadership and responsibility
Initiative and Self-Direction
Flexibility and adaptability

Interdisciplinary Themes
Global Awareness

Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Technology Literacy
Creativity and Innovation

Life and Career Skills
Social and Cross Cultural Skills

Project Sequence Overview

Preparing for the Project

1. Levitalizing stick - Everybody works together for the same goal. more detail

2. 3x3 Cubes solution - A collaborative game more detail

3. Watch where you step - A collaborative game more detail

Launching the Project

1. Things that are wrong and I can fix - Students can help society by working together. more detail

2. How did I treat everybody? - An individual self-reflection will be carried out based on the games they played as a class. more detail

Managing the Project

1. I am part of the solution - A video for the community/media more detail

2. Can I help with anything? - Such an unusual request from an estrange. more detail

3. Airplanes in the classroom - A simple activity that will help students to say what makes them feel sad. more detail


1. The Way I Can Help - A sentence that summarizes this task. more detail