Machu Chicos Children's Menus by Laura Sexton

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There could be so much more to the children´s menu than chicken strips! To encourage younger diners to try new foods, Spanish I students will sample different dishes available at the local Peruvian restaurant, Machu Picchu, and make a menu of the best picks for kids. They will then create interactive placemat menus for young diners--in Spanish and English--to learn through play while they wait for their food! Machu Picchu restaurant staff will select the best menu among all of the classes for publishing and distribution at their restaurants.

National Foreign Language Resource Center
Laura Sexton

Language: English

Subject Area(s): food

Instructional Context

Target Audience Description:
The audience is both the proprietors of Machu Picchu and the clients they wish to attract. We will be proposing the menus to the proprietors, who will be the judges of which menu they want to use, but they will be using the menus for customers who speak Spanish and English and who are ten and under in age.

Audience Role:
Proprietors will judge menus

Audience Location:
Machu Picchu Peruvian restaurant, Pineville, NC

Heritage Learners:

Product Target Culture:

Product Description:
Students will create a menu based on dishes they have sampled and selected, but also incorporate activities like word games, mazes, and coloring activities that reflect interesting cultural trivia.

Language Proficiency

ILR Scale Writing:
2 3 1

ILR Scale Reading:
1 2 3 4

ILR Scale Listening:
0 1 2

ILR Scale Speaking:
0 1 2

ILR Scale Writing:

ILR Scale Reading:

World Readiness Standards

Lifelong Learning
School and Global

Cultural comparisons

Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives

Relating Cultural Products to Perspectives
Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives

21st Century Skills

Life and Career Skills
Productivity and Accountability

Interdisciplinary Themes
Global Awareness

Information, Media, and Technology Skills

Life and Career Skills
Social and Cross Cultural Skills

Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Creativity and Innovation

Project Sequence Overview

Preparing for the Project

1. Permission Forms - Announce date and requirements for upcoming sample buffet more detail

2. Platos Peruanos discussion - React to popular Peruvian dishes from an infograph more detail

3. Ingredients notes - Review common ingredients in select popular dishes to create relevant semantic grouping maps more detail

4. Actively Learn - Lomo Saltado Recipe - Respond to interpretive questions about a lomo saltado recipe more detail

Launching the Project

1. Sample Buffet - Students sample typical dishes and make notes about what they like and don't like. more detail

2. Waiter Interview Videos - Interpret interview videos with restaurant staff about popular dishes/ingredients with T-chart more detail

Managing the Project

1. Activity Collage Notes - Matching example games to titles based on descriptions more detail


1. Reading AAPPL - Use AAPPL rubrics from AAPPL to score leveled assessments with matching and multiple choice more detail

2. Listening AAPPL - Use AAPPL rubrics from AAPPL to score leveled assessments with matching and multiple choice more detail